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Airport Clash 3d

Airport Clash 3d

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Airport Clash 3D is an intense free-to-play multiplayer shooter game that puts you in the middle of a battle royale inside a deserted airport. Team up with fellow raiders to fight against a rival gang and claim control.

This abandoned airport is a war zone filled with hazards. Grounded planes provide crucial cover as you move strategically, raining bullets from your powerful minigun on enemies. Stay light on your feet and keep that trigger finger ready.

Core Gameplay

Your main goal is to work together with your squad to eliminate the opposing gang and secure the airport for your team. Use teamwork and sharp shooting skills to dominate the battlefield and achieve victory.

Weapons Used

Your primary weapon is the devastating unlimited-ammo minigun that lets you spray a torrent of bullets at foes. But don't forget special strategic moves like the knife spin for close-quarters slashing when you get in tight quarters!

Tips and Tricks

1. Use planes and debris strategically for cover while attacking and moving.
2. Coordinate with teammates to execute ambushes and synchronized assaults.
3. Level up and unlock upgrades to increase health, weapon damage, and accuracy.
4. Customize your character's appearance with unlockable items like golden guns.


1. Intense multiplayer battle royale action set in an abandoned airport arena.
2. Play with a variety of unique characters with special abilities.
3. Progression system to level up, unlock upgrades, and unlock customizations.
4. Leaderboards to track your kill counts and compete against other players.
5. Special gameplay mechanics like the knife spin for strategic combat.

Airport Clash 3D brings fast-paced multiplayer shooting combined with tactical squad gameplay. Rally your raiders, master the minigun's power, and fight to secure complete control over the deserted airport battleground.


1. Arrow Keys (+ WASD) - Move
2. Mouse - Shoot
3. Space - Jump
4. C - Crouch
L - Enter/Exit Lock Mode

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