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Time Shooter 2

Time Shooter 2

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In Time Shooter 2, time freezes when you are not moving! This unique gameplay lets you strategically plan attacks and dodges in epic slow-motion combat sequences. Time Shooter 2 is inspired by the popular game Superhot. You'll experience the same thrilling, time-warping action that hooks you in level after level.

Your choice of weapon is extremely important in Time Shooter 2. Pick the right tool for each situation. Take advantage of the diverse weapons scattered across the map's environment. Or get creative and improvise with whatever you can find!

Before making a move, carefully scan your surroundings. Take out any long-range enemy threats first. Then adapt your battle tactics based on the situation at hand. There is also an optional, limited perk available. Watch a quick ad to gain a temporary power like endless ammo or invulnerability for just one level. Best of all, you can enjoy Time Shooter 2 for free anytime, anywhere! Play it directly in your web browser on desktop or mobile devices.

Time Shooter 2 launched in March 2022, letting you bend the laws of time last year. Get ready for mind-bending, slow-motion combat.Time Shooter 2 was developed by the game studio GoGoMan. This innovative first-person shooter brings the thrill of controlling time to your browser.

Key Tips For Players

1. Check your environment before moving to avoid getting shot.
2. Unless in immediate danger, prioritize eliminating long-range enemies first.
3. Pick whichever weapon best suits each combat scenario.
4. Watch out for enemies lying in wait to ambush you.


1. WASD or arrow keys = move
2. Left-click = shoot / pick up weapon
3. Right-click or R = throw weapon

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