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Mad Day

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Mad Day is an adrenaline-pumping action game that throws you into an epic battle to save Earth and your beloved pet octopus, Fluffy, from an alien invasion.

The evil aliens have abducted your octopus companion Fluffy. Blast through hordes of enemies in a frantic race to rescue your pet and save humanity.

The Ultimate Dual-Mode Mayhem

Mad Day seamlessly combines intense racing with explosive alien-slaying combat. Upgrade your car's devastating firepower and armor, then switch to on-foot shotgun action to keep the extraterrestrial threat at bay.

The longer you survive, the tougher the alien enemies become. Put your skills and quick reflexes to the ultimate test as you dodge attacks and unleash furious retaliation.

Gear Up for Galactic Warfare

Earn gold coins to fully customize your unstoppable combat machine. Upgrade vehicles, guns, armor, and even your clothing for the ultimate alien-slaying edge.

Choose from 4 unique hi-tech vehicles like monster trucks, jet cars, buggies, and motorcycles - each with strengths for different battlefields. Master every ride to dominate any terrain.


1. Epic Boss Battles against colossal aliens test your full arsenal.
2. Over 1,000 character customizations for a truly unique look.
3. Boost your power with upgrades like rocket launchers and alien-smashing rams.
4. Spin Fluffy's Wheel of Fortune for awesome bonus rewards.
5. Simple controls make it accessible yet strategic gameplay keeps you hooked.

Tips and Tricks

1. Prioritize upgrading your vehicle's armor for survivability.
2. Use the rocket launcher to make short work of clusters of enemies.
3. Don't neglect upgrading your on-foot guns and equipment too.
4. Play opportunistically - switch vehicles based on the terrain.

Achieving Objectives

1. Rack up distance to earn gold coins for vital upgrades.
2. Unlock new vehicles by conquering tough level objectives.
3. Outlast all enemies and the Level Boss to rescue Fluffy.

Weapons Arsenal

1. Armored Vehicles (Rocket launcher, ram, machine guns).
2. Shotgun (Rapid fire, powerful short range blasts).
3. Upgrade to Rocket Launcher (Demolish grouped enemies).
4. Upgrade to Rail Gun (Piercing long range fire).

Push your racing and shooting skills to their limits on Mad Day. Join the resistance and play this aliens vs. cars battle today.


1. Spacebar to jump. For double jump press twice.
2. To launch rockets or shoot press X or up arrow or left mouse button.
3. Esc to open/close the menu.

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