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Drift Wave

Drift Wave

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Drift Wave is calling all driving enthusiasts who love chilling vibes paired with electrifying drifts. Get ready to cruise the curves and master the art of drifting.

At its core, Drift Wave challenges you to hone your drifting prowess. Intuitive controls and silky-smooth gameplay make it easy to start shredding corners, but true mastery takes dedication.

A Drifter's Playground

Drift Wave offers multiple engaging game modes to satisfy any driving itch. Whether you want quick bursts of drifting action or a more relaxed scenic cruise, there's something for everyone.

The Ultimate Car Collection

Your stellar drifting skills are rewarded with cash to unlock an entire garage of 15 uniquely stylish rides - including one very special surprise vehicle. Build your dream drifting fleet.

Crank up the energy by selecting one of Drift Wave's built-in music playlists. These handpicked tracks provide the perfect adrenaline-fueled atmosphere for drifting greatness.

Stay tuned, as Drift Wave is still actively in development. The solo developer welcomes all feedback to continue evolving this one-of-a-kind driving experience.

Key Features

1. Addictive drift-centric driving mechanics that are easy to learn.
2. Multiple gameplay modes for variety and replayability.
3. 15 unlockable custom cars with 1 awesome secret vehicle.
4. Curated music playlists that set the perfect drifting ambiance.
5. Playable seamlessly on desktop and mobile devices.

Tips & Tricks

1. Adjust your drifting angle by sliding your finger across the screen.
2. Use the countdown timer to plan your racing line around corners.
3. Watch for obstacles and traffic - avoid crashes at all costs.
4. Invest cash into upgrading your car for better drifting performance.

Achieving Objectives

1. Drift flawlessly for a high multiplier and boost your cash earnings.
2. Complete drifting challenges to level up and unlock new cars.
3. Set new personal records by dominating the leaderboards.

The ultimate chill-yet-thrilling drifting experience awaits you in Drift Wave. Play it today and start shredding corners in style.


1. Super Jump Hold 'L SHIFT' to activate slow-motion then hold 'SPACE' or 'F' to super jump ;)
2. Flip Mid-Air While high up in the air. Hold S to bring speed below 50 then hold 'E' to start flipping.

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