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What Are Clicker Games?

Clicker games are a special type of game. In these games, players tap or click repeatedly to make progress. They are very simple to play, yet super addicting! The basic way to play is by clicking on something to earn points or get resources. As you collect these, you can upgrade your clicking power and earn resources automatically. This lets you keep making small progress over time.

These games often start small, like clicking a cookie to bake more cookies. But they can grow into huge adventures! You could become a powerful blacksmith or save an entire nation. Popular clicker games include Cookie Clicker, Clicker Heroes, and Undead Clicker. Some let you run a town's kitchen or become an internet star.

No matter the theme, the fun comes from upgrading your clicking skills and finding new automatic resource makers. The gameplay is straightforward, but reaching new milestones feels rewarding. Characters like Bobby the Bounty Hunter or enemy beasts motivate you to keep clicking.

Clicker games provide entertaining casual play. Just tap your mouse or screen over and over again. Their simplicity and continual small progress make them strangely engaging activities.

Popular Clicker Game Mechanics

Incremental Clickers

These games are all about clicking to earn stuff like cookies, gold, or points. You click over and over to get resources. With those resources, you can unlock upgrades and power-ups. The upgrades make your clicks worth more, so you earn resources faster. Popular games like Cookie Clicker, Idle Heroes, and AdVenture Capitalist work this way. The cool part is watching the numbers get bigger and bigger, from tiny values to huge amounts! As you earn more, you unlock new features, buildings, or workers. This gives you fresh new gameplay.

Idle Clickers

In idle clicker games, you earn resources even when you're not playing! Games like Tap Titans 2, Realm Grinder, and Antimatter Dimensions let your earnings build up while you're offline. Your main job is spending those resources on upgrades and automated income sources. The strategy is setting up your game in the best way before walking away. Then when you return, you have tons of new resources ready to reinvest! This rewarding cycle keeps pulling you back to optimize further. Bit by bit, your progress accelerates.

Best Free Online Clicker Games

Incremental Clickers

  • Crusher Clicker 
  • Leek Factory Tycoon 
  • Fruit Factory Idle

Idle Clickers

  • Capybara Clicker 
  • Planet Clicker 2 
  • Idle Mining Empire

Benefits of Playing Clicker Games

Clicker games are a fun way to relax and pass the time. Their simple gameplay of clicking or tapping is easy to learn. This makes them perfect for casual gaming sessions.

You can mindlessly click to:

  • Relieve stress.
  • Fill in small breaks during the day.

Some clicker games also involve a light strategy to keep you engaged. Deciding which upgrades to get or how to spend resources takes some thinking.

Despite being so basic, clicker games tap into something satisfying - watching your progress grow over time. Seeing tiny numbers gradually become massive feels like an accomplishment.

  • Whether idling for long periods or actively clicking
  • You're always inching forward bit by bit

This feeling of perpetual incremental progress hooks many players. The gameplay seems deceptively simple yet ends up being strangely rewarding.

Tips and Tricks for Clicker Games

Incremental Clickers Games

  • Click as fast as you can to earn the most resources quickly.
  • Use upgrades wisely to boost your clicking power.
  • Plan ahead for what you want to achieve in the long run.
  • Take breaks to avoid getting tired of clicking.

Some upgrades may seem expensive but can be very helpful over time. Think about which ones will give you the best benefits before buying them. Having goals in mind helps you stay focused and motivated to keep progressing.

Idle Clickers Games

  • Pick upgrades that give you the most resources while away.
  • Upgrade your passive income as much as possible.
  • Set up your game before going offline to maximize gains.
  • Check-in regularly to collect resources and make smart purchases.

The key to idle clickers is making money even when you're not playing. Look for upgrades that boost your offline earnings the most. Before closing the game, buy the best passive upgrades you can afford. Then when you return, you'll have a bunch of resources waiting to reinvest!