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Armed Forces

Armed Forces

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Armed Forces is a super fun free multiplayer shooter game where you get to fight against players from all over the world in intense online combat. Get geared up, choose your guns, and get ready for battle.

These battle zones are crazy - firefights happen fast, so you have to stay alert. Use smart movement and find cover spots, or else one enemy bullet could get you. Communicate with teammates to avoid walking into crossfires.

Achieving Objectives

Your main goals are to work together as a team to beat the other team's objectives. Maybe you'll need to capture territories, defuse bombs, or something else. Have good strategies, help out teammates, and go on the attack to overcome your enemies.

Weapons Used

Before each battle, you pick your weapon loadout from lots of different guns. Long-range sniper rifles, powerful assault rifles, room-clearing shotguns, exploding grenades - they're all there! Choosing the right guns can give you an advantage.

Tips and Tricks

1. Stay close to teammates and provide cover fire when pushing forward.
2. Learn how to control recoil on guns for better accuracy when firing.
3. Use silenced sneak attack weapons to get behind enemy lines.
4. Keep moving and reposition constantly so you don't get trapped.


1. Fast-paced first-person shooter multiplayer battles against players worldwide.
2. Variety of different game modes from classics to unique challenges.
3. Tons of weapons to pick from and customize with attachments.
4. Level up to get new equipment and customizations for your soldier.

Armed Forces brings insane first-person shooter action right to your computer. Pick your role, work as a team, and fight to take down the enemy in total online battlefield domination. Get locked and loaded, soldier - the battle is on.


1. Mouse = Aim / Shoot
2. Arrows = Move
3. Left Shift = Run
4. Space = Jump
5. 1-2 = Change Weapon
6. F = Pick Up Weapon
7. R = Reload
8. C = Crouch
9. T = Chat

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