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What Are Driving Games?

Driving games let you drive all sorts of vehicles in exciting digital worlds. From fast cars and motorbikes to monster trucks and delivery vans, you can race, explore, or just cruise around. The fun comes from online competitions, open-world driving, and overcoming different challenges behind the wheel.

There are so many online driving games to pick from. Popular titles like Moto X3M, Drift Hunters, and Cyber Cars Punk Racing have you racing supercars and drifting through cities. Games like Car Driver ZIL 130 and Mr. Racer lets you deliver cargo or weave through traffic. 

Open-world games like Madalin Stunt Cars 2 and Racing in City offer huge environments to test your driving skills and perform stunts.

No matter if you want to race on tracks, try stunts in playgrounds filled with ramps and obstacles, or just drive around fun settings like cities or snowy roads, there's a driving game for you. They're available free in your web browser from developers like CPSGames. Get behind the wheel and drive!

Popular Subgenres of Online Driving Games

Racing Games

Racing games are all about going fast and beating other drivers. The goal is to be the first to cross the finish line.

  • Vehicle Masters: Race against others while upgrading and customizing your dream car for different landscapes.
  • Rally Racer Dirt: Drive off-road vehicles on bumpy dirt tracks through tough environments like deserts.
  • Cyber Cars Punk Racing: Race super-fast futuristic cars through a neon-lit city, drifting around corners.

In racing games, you can pick different types of races like circuit tracks, drag racing, or drifting. Many let you customize your car's look and performance. You can also race online against other players.

Driving Simulators

Driving simulator games try to make the driving feel as real as possible. You have to follow traffic rules and control your vehicle carefully.

  • Flying Car Simulator: Drive unique cars that can fly! Switch between driving on roads and flying through the sky.
  • 3D Car Simulator: This realistic game simulates driving many vehicle types on different roads and terrain.
  • City Car Driving: Stunt Master: Follow traffic laws while driving through a busy city, but also do crazy stunts when you can.

Driving sims focus on making the driving physics and vehicle handling seem lifelike. Some even have you make deliveries while obeying traffic laws.

Open-World Driving Games

In open-world games, you can drive and explore a huge world without many restrictions. The world is like one big playground to drive around in.

  • Rocket Soccer Derby: Drive rocket-powered cars and play high-flying soccer matches in big arenas.
  • Vortelli's Pizza Delivery: As a pizza delivery driver, you can drive all over an open city making deliveries and doing stunts.

Open-world driving games let you just cruise around checking out the massive world. Or you can race, do stunt challenges, and find hidden areas. The choice is yours!

Popular Driving Games To Play

Racing Games:

  • Vehicle Masters 
  • Racing Limits 
  • Mr. Racer 
  • Moto X3M 
  • Sky Riders 
  • Rally Racer Dirt 
  • Drift No Limit 
  • Drift Escape 
  • Night City Racing
  • Super Tunnel Rush 

Driving Simulators:

  • Offroad Cargo Transport Truck 
  • 3D Moto Simulator 2 
  • Extreme Car Parking! 
  • City Car Driving: Stunt Master 
  • Flying Car Simulator 
  • 3D Car Simulator 
  • 18 Wheeler Cargo Simulator 2 

Other Driving Games:

  • Rocket Soccer Derby
  • Vortelli's Pizza Delivery