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Go Kart Go Ultra

Go Kart Go Ultra

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Get ready for some super silly and hilarious kart racing in the game Go Kart Go Ultra. You'll drive crazy fast go-karts and use funny power-ups to blast other racers off the track.

Use Wacky Power-Up Weapons

Go Kart Go Ultra isn't just a regular racing game. As you're speeding along the bright courses, you can pick up power-ups like rockets, huge boulders, and big mallets. Then you can launch these power-ups to attack the other karts. Shoot a rocket to make them slower or smash them with a mallet to send them flying.

Race as Goofy Animal Characters

Instead of just racing as people, you get to pick from a bunch of super silly playable animal characters. One option is a rhino who loves playing soccer. Another is an angry frog that likes gymnastics. As you win more races, you'll unlock new wacky animals to race as.

Perform Stunts for Speed Boosts

The game has you do more than just drive in a straight line. You'll need to drift around sharp turns by power-sliding your kart. You can also go over ramps and do mid-air stunts and tricks. Pulling off cool moves like these will give you awesome speed boosts.

Go-Kart Racing Tips:

1. Use homing missile power-ups to easily hit the lead racers.
2. Stay on the ideal driving line through corners to go faster.
3. Grab banana peel defensive power-ups to deflect attacks.
4. Use your race winnings to make your kart's speed and acceleration better.

Silly Kart Fun:

1. Hilarious Power-Up Weapons - Like rockets, bombs, mallets, and more.
2. Funny Playable Animal Characters - Like rhinos, frogs, and squirrels.
3. Wild Race Tracks - With tight turns, ramps, and obstacles.
4. Race Against Friends or Others Online.
5. Bright and Colorful Go-Kart Graphics.

Whether you're a racing pro or just a beginner, Go Kart Go Ultra brings non-stop laughs and goofy kart racing action. It's time to pick your racer and start blasting opponents off the track.


Player 1
1. Arrow keys = driving
2. Shift = drift
3. Spacebar = use items
4. Z = rear view

Player 2
1. WASD = driving
2. Tab = drift
3. Q = use items
4. E = rear view

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