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Privacy Policy

At CPSGames, we are committed to maintaining the utmost transparency regarding the collection and handling of personal information obtained through our services and products. This Privacy Policy outlines our practices and serves as a binding agreement between you, the user, and our company. Please note that this Policy applies exclusively to CPSGames and does not extend to third-party websites or sources, for which we cannot be held accountable.

By accessing and utilizing our Site, you acknowledge your acceptance of this Privacy Policy and confirm that you possess the legal authority to consent to its terms. CPSGames will assume the role of data controller in accordance with the provisions stipulated herein.

We strive to keep this Policy up-to-date and shall notify you of any substantial modifications. Your continued use of our Site following such changes will be interpreted as your consent to the revised Privacy Policy. At CPSGames, we deeply respect the privacy of all our users and make every effort to ensure the confidential treatment of any personal information you provide.

We understand and appreciate the trust you have placed in us, and we recognize our responsibility to safeguard your privacy. This Policy aims to clarify the types of information we collect when you interact with our Site, the reasons behind such collection, and how we leverage this data to enhance your overall user experience. Our goal is to foster complete transparency regarding our operations and practices.

I. Collection Of Data

At CPSGames, we place paramount importance on safeguarding the privacy of our users. In this section, we aim to provide complete transparency regarding the types of data we collect and the circumstances under which such collection occurs.

1. Data Provided Directly by You

Contact Form

When you choose to engage with us through our Site's contact form or by sending us an email, we may process certain personal data based on the consent you provide. The types of information we collect in this manner are:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Any additional details you voluntarily provide

We treat the information you entrust to us with the utmost care and confidentiality. Our commitment is to handle your personal data responsibly and in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Account Registration

If you choose to register an account with CPSGames, you explicitly consent to the collection of certain personal information, including a password, email address, phone number, user agent, and IP address. However, we do not store this data within our own systems. Instead, we rely on Google Firebase Authentication services to securely manage this information on our behalf. The data is collected solely for the purpose of enabling user authentication and facilitating efficient account management for our end-users. Additionally, user-agent strings and IP addresses are utilized to enhance security measures and prevent potential abuse during the account registration and authentication processes, as outlined in "How Google Uses Information From Sites Or Apps That Use Our Services".

IP addresses are temporarily logged for a few weeks, while other authentication-related information is retained until you initiate the deletion of your associated user account. Upon your request to delete your account through the Account Settings, all related data will be removed from our live and backup systems within 180 days. We prioritize safeguarding your privacy and providing you with complete control over your personal information.

2. Data Received Automatically

In addition to the information you provide directly, we may collect certain personal data automatically through the use of cookies. For detailed information regarding our cookie practices, please refer to Section V of this Privacy Policy.

Furthermore, we may gather other types of (personal) data without relying on cookies. This information can be read and utilized solely during your visit to our Site, and includes:

  1. Your IP address (used for purposes such as preventing duplicate voting and location-based advertising).
  2. Your browser type and version.
  3. The last visited web page.
  4. (Mobile) device identifiers.
  5. Cookie data.
  6. User-level data (e.g., whether a user viewed or interacted with an advertisement).

We strive to maintain transparency regarding the types of data we collect and the specific purposes for which it is used. Our commitment is to handle all personal information with the utmost care and in compliance with applicable privacy laws and regulations.

3. Data Received from Third Parties

In the event that we receive Personal Information from third-party sources, we will promptly inform you personally about such occurrences.

II. Purposes And Legal Grounds For Data Collection

The personal data we collect is utilized to enhance the services we provide and optimize the content available on our Site. In certain instances where we are legally obligated to process personal data, such as age verification requirements, we will comply with those mandates.

Additionally, we may use your personal data for direct marketing purposes, such as sending updates about new or existing games and newsletters. This allows us to keep you informed about our latest offerings and relevant information.

Furthermore, we may leverage your personal data for statistical purposes and to continually improve our services and products. These processing activities are based on CPSGames' legitimate interest in delivering an optimal user experience.

It is important to note that advertisers on our website may employ information gathered through cookies and/or web beacons for the purpose of online behavioral advertising and/or multisite advertising. For further details regarding the use of cookies and web beacons, please refer to Section V below.

We understand the importance of being fully transparent about how your personal information may be shared or utilized. In that regard, we want to inform you that we may share certain information collected from you, such as your email address (in hashed form), IP address, or details about your browser or operating system, with our identity partners or service providers.

These partners will return an online identification code that we may store in our first-party cookie for advertising purposes. This code may also be shared with advertising companies to facilitate interest-based and targeted advertising. If you wish to opt out of this specific use of your information, please click here.

It is important to note that CPSGames cannot be held responsible for any personal data collected through third-party software or methods present on our Site, as such instances may be subject to the general terms and conditions of those respective third parties.

We advise against using your real name or sharing any other personal information while engaging with the games provided on our Site, including, but not limited to, multiplayer experiences.

Additionally, we reserve the right to share your data with all Google CPS Vendors, enabling Google DV360 to return GDPR-compliant bids for ad delivery.

III. Data Retention Periods

At CPSGames, we are committed to ensuring that your personal data is retained only for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined above. Unless there is a justified reason to extend the retention period, such as within the framework of customer relationship management, your personal data will be deleted one month after you have failed to visit our site during a consecutive period of [2] years.

We understand the importance of safeguarding your privacy, and we strive to maintain a responsible data retention policy that aligns with industry best practices and applicable regulations. By adhering to these principles, we aim to protect your personal information while providing you with a seamless and secure user experience.

IV. Your Rights

At CPSGames, we recognize and uphold your rights regarding the personal data we collect and process. You have the ability to access, rectify, or erase your personal data, free of charge. Additionally, you have the right to restrict the processing of your personal data.

If you prefer not to receive newsletters or information about our products or services, you can object to the processing of your personal data for these purposes ("unsubscribe") at any time, without the need for justification. You can exercise this right by sending us an email or contacting us at the address provided below. Alternatively, you can click on the unsubscribe link present in our advertising emails.

In addition, you have the right to data portability for the personal data you have provided to CPSGames, to the extent that we have retained your personal data. If you wish to learn more about your rights or seek additional information, feel free to contact us directly. You can also visit the website of the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for further guidance on data protection and privacy rights: FTC Website.

We value your privacy and strive to ensure that you have complete control over your personal information. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns regarding the exercise of your rights.

To exercise your rights regarding access, rectification, erasure, or restriction of your personal data, we kindly request that you send a clear and unambiguous request to the address mentioned below. This request should clearly state the specific action you wish to take, whether it is to access, rectify, erase, or restrict the processing of your personal information.

Your request must be signed and dated, and accompanied by a copy of the front side of your government-issued identification document, such as an identity card or driver's license. This step is essential for us to verify your identity and ensure the security of your personal data.

If you are seeking to rectify or erase personal data or restrict its processing, we ask that you provide a specific motivation or justification for your request. Once these conditions are met, CPSGames will promptly address your request and execute the necessary actions as soon as possible. We will then send you a confirmation message regarding the outcome of your request.

We understand the importance of protecting your privacy and safeguarding your personal information. By following these steps, we aim to ensure a secure and efficient process for exercising your data rights.

V. Cookies

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small data files that are stored on your computer when you visit websites. They contain information related to the specific web browser and website you are accessing. These files are saved in a designated folder on your hard drive. When you revisit a particular website, it can recognize you as a visitor through the cookie, allowing it to access and build upon your browsing history.

A web beacon, on the other hand, is a small (often transparent) graphic image, typically no larger than 1 pixel, that is placed on a website. Its purpose is to monitor the behavior of visitors to that site.

Cookies are employed to enhance the user-friendliness of websites. By identifying visitors through cookies, they do not need to enter the same information, such as login credentials or screen preferences, every time they visit the site.

In summary, cookies and web beacons are tools that help websites recognize returning visitors and tailor the browsing experience accordingly, reducing the need for repetitive data entry and enabling personalized content delivery.

Types of Cookies

Cookies are often categorized into two main groups:

First-Party Cookies: These cookies are created by the website you are visiting to enhance the functionality and user experience of the web page. They regulate technical aspects such as language preferences or remembering items in an online shopping cart. First-party cookies are created and placed by the website itself.

Third-Party Cookies: These cookies are created and placed on your computer by entities other than the website you are visiting. They are used to track and remember a user's browsing behavior. Examples include social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter, as well as analytics tools like Google Analytics, which is widely used to measure website traffic and visitor patterns.

Cookies that are necessary for the proper functioning of the website do not require explicit permission. However, all other types of cookies do require consent from the user.

It is important to note that while first-party cookies are primarily intended to improve the user experience on a specific website, third-party cookies may be used for purposes such as targeted advertising or tracking user behavior across multiple websites.

Cookies Utilized by CPSGames

At CPSGames, we prioritize your user experience and aim to provide a seamless and personalized visit to our Site. To achieve this, we employ first-party cookies to record specific information about your usage, such as the language preference, pages visited, and duration of your visits. These first-party cookies help us understand your interests and tailor our content accordingly.

However, it is important to note that we may offer games from third-party game distributors on our portal. By engaging with these third-party games, your Personal Data may be processed by the respective game distributor, either directly or through the use of cookies or similar technologies. We recommend exercising caution and reviewing the privacy statement of the game distributor before playing their games, as we have no control over their environments.

Here are the privacy policies of some of the third-party game distributors we work with:

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with these policies to understand how your Personal Data may be handled when interacting with third-party games on our platform.

Your acceptance of this Privacy Policy by using our Site entails that third parties may drop cookies and/or use web beacons for advertising and tracking purposes.

Third parties may utilize information gathered by cookies and/or web beacons for the purpose of online behavioral advertising and/or multisite advertising. The types of information collected through these third-party cookies and/or web beacons, as well as the specific purposes for which this information is used, are outlined in the privacy policies of the respective third parties. We strongly encourage you to review these policies to understand how your data may be handled.

CPSGames declines any and all liability for any third-party cookies or web beacons deployed by third parties for any purpose.

Our Site may, therefore, utilize third-party cookies such as those from:

We aim to maintain transparency regarding the use of third-party cookies and web beacons on our Site. While we strive to provide a secure and enjoyable user experience, we cannot control or be held responsible for the data collection practices of these third parties. We recommend exercising caution and reviewing the relevant privacy policies to make informed decisions about your personal data.

In addition, our Site utilizes third-party cookies from services such as Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a free web analytics service provided by Google that collects statistics about websites and presents them in detail. This tool allows website administrators to gain clear insights into visitor flows, traffic patterns, and page views. By analyzing this data, it becomes possible to adapt specific portions or entire websites to better align with the behavior and interests of visitors.

How to Manage Cookies?

You have the ability to manage cookies by adjusting your browser settings. Modern browsers provide options to block cookies entirely or to accept cookies only from specific websites. If you require assistance with this process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Additionally, we would like to inform you that we work with the following ID providers:

These providers may also utilize cookies or similar technologies to collect and process information for various purposes, such as advertising or analytics. We encourage you to review the privacy policies of these ID providers to understand how they handle your data and to exercise your preferences regarding their data collection practices.

At CPSGames, we aim to provide you with the necessary information and tools to make informed decisions about your online privacy. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding cookies or the management of your personal data, please feel free to reach out to us.

VI. Security Measures

At CPSGames, we have implemented all reasonable and appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure that your Personal Information is processed securely and protected against unauthorized access, disclosure, or misuse.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these security measures, please feel free to contact us at the address mentioned below. We will be happy to provide you with further details.

Within our organization, access to personal data is strictly limited to individuals who require it for the performance of their job responsibilities.

At no point will we directly sell or rent out your personal data to third parties. In the event that we need to engage an external processor, we will ensure that your information is handled confidentially and with the utmost security. We will establish a contractual agreement with these processors, prohibiting them from using your data for their own initiatives and requiring the erasure of your data upon completion of their assigned tasks.

VII. Contact Information Of Data Controller

If you have any questions, concerns, or complaints regarding this Privacy Policy or the processing of your personal data, you can contact us at the following email address: [email protected] or through our contact form. Alternatively, you may address your complaint to the following address via registered mail: [email protected]

We value your privacy and strive to address any concerns you may have regarding the handling of your personal information. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us, and we will make every effort to resolve your inquiry or complaint promptly and professionally.