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Gateway Shootout

Gateway Shootout

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Get ready for a totally bonkers good time with the Getaway Shootout. In this fun party game, you race against friends or play solo, but here's the wacky twist - you can only move around by jumping left and right. So get prepared for pure silliness.

Bouncing and Bounding Everywhere

Instead of just walking normally, Getaway Shootout makes you constantly jump back and forth to move. It's an absolutely nutty scene watching players relentlessly bounce in all directions, trying their best to get ahead. You'll need to master jumping at the right angles to reach the finish line first.

Blasting Buddies with Goofy Weapons

As if the wild jumping wasn't silly enough, Getaway Shootout also lets you find weapons to use against other players. Stuff like blasters, mines, and forcefields let you zap your buddies and slow them down so you can take the lead. So much chaos and laughs.

Jumping and Shooting to the Exit

Each level has you trying to jump across a huge race course while shooting your weapon pickups at your pals. You'll need to bounce through the whole thing while staying ahead in order to reach the final extraction point and win.

Tips and Tricks:

1. Don't waste all your ammo, use weapons carefully.
2. Look for angled jumps to avoid obstacles.
3. Bounce off ramps and walls to jump even farther.
4. In 2-player, shoot at opponents from both sides.

Silliness Overload Features:

1. Only Move by Jumping Left and Right - No walking at all, just bouncing.
2. Awesome 2-Player Chaos Mode - Team up with a friend for double silliness.
3. Wacky Weapon Pickups - Like blasters, mines, and forceshields to zap buddies.
4. Unlock New Silly Characters - Add variety to your crew of jumping shooters.
5. Multiple Bouncy Race Courses - From ramps to tunnels, non-stop jumping action.

Whether you're playing solo or hosting a party with pals, Getaway Shootout is guaranteed to make you laugh with its goofy jumping and shooting madness. Get ready for super silly fun.


1. W and E to jump left and right
2. R to use power

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