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Get ready for some hilarious multiplayer mayhem in the game Nugget Royale. You'll control a crazy chicken fighter and battle dozens of other players, pecking and scratching to be the last bird standing.

Chickens Brawling Everywhere.

When you start a game of Nugget Royale, you'll join an online arena filled with other players' chickens. It's total chaos as you all run around, pecking and flapping at each other. The last chicken still clucking at the end wins.

Wild and Wacky Battle Arenas

Each arena you get transported to is super different and silly. One might have slippery ice you skate across as a chicken. Another could have floating platforms to jump between. You'll have to adapt your chicken fighter tactics to overcome the map's unique hazards.

Become the Chicken King

The more matches you win the higher you'll climb on the leaderboards. If you can make it all the way to the top ranking, you'll be rewarded with a shiny golden chicken crown. How cool is that?

Tips and Tricks:

1. Lure other chickens towards dangerous map areas to take them out.
2. Find high up places to peck at enemies below you safely.
3. Watch out for sneak attacks from behind.
4. Once you spot an enemy chicken, relentlessly peck at it.

Features for the Feathered Fighter:

1. Huge Chicken Battle Royales - Frantic online brawls against many other players' chickens.
2. Shifting Battlefield Arenas - Icy areas, platforms, obstacles change every match.
3. Silly Chicken Outfits - Unlock goofy hats, masks and more to style your fighter.
4. Bright Colorful 3D Graphics - The chicken battles look hilariously awesome.
5. Play Anywhere - Join the multiplayer matches on phones, tablets, or computers.

Whether you peck your way to triumph or get plucked trying, Nugget Royale is an absolute clucking blast. Which of your friends can become the ultimate chicken warrior?


1. W/A/S/D - Move around
2. Space - Jump

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