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Blocky Trials

Blocky Trials

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Blocky Trials is an awesome, fast-paced motocross racing game with a totally unique blocky visual style. The gameplay is all about conquering crazy challenging tracks - speeding over ramps, navigating treacherous terrain, and pulling off slick moves to earn rewards.

Race Your Way

Get ready for intense races across all kinds of wild environments. You might find yourself racing through a dense forest one moment, then an urban city playground the next. Each track throws new obstacles and terrain challenges at you, from muddy slopes to towering ramps. Can you keep that throttle maxed and mad racing skills on point?

Choose Your Rider, Conquer the Blocks

Before hitting the tracks, you get to customize your ride by picking one of over 30 unique racers and bikes. Every rider has their own fresh style and look. And who knows - maybe certain bikes handle better on different terrain? Choosing your personal set of wheels is half the fun.

The Race for Rewards

As you blaze through each level, be sure to grab as many coins as possible. Coins are your key to unlocking even more riders to expand your garage and options for customization. The more you play and master the tracks, the more you can amp up your racing avatar.

Challenge Accepted!

Blocky Trials presents an extreme test for anyone who considers themselves a skilled virtual motocross racer. With insane stunts to pull, tight corners to drift, and unpredictable terrain around every turn - do you have what it takes to conquer the blocks? Fire up your engine and get ready to find out.


1. Arrow keys to move.
2. B to use boost.


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