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My Pony My Little Race

My Pony My Little Race

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Get ready for an enchanting journey in My Pony My Little Race. This delightful browser game lets you team up with your very own cuddly pony and race through whimsical worlds.

Explore a Wondrous Pony Realm

In this game, you'll gallop across vibrant landscapes filled with rolling meadows, towering mountains, and other fanciful sights. Each new racecourse transports you to a fresh magical setting brimming with color and surprise.

Saddle Up With Your Pony Pal

At the heart of the adventure is your lovable pony companion. More than just an adorable friend, your pony is a born racer ready to sprint towards the finish line. You two will create an unstoppable duo.

Easy to Learn, Hard to Master

With simple controls, game is super easy for players of any age to pick up and enjoy. But as you progress through levels, you'll face new obstacles that challenge you to master precise jumping and navigation.

Winning the Pony Race

To claim victory in each race, you'll need to jump at just the right moments to soar over obstacles on the track. Avoid hazards by carefully timing your leaps while also maintaining your pony's pace.

Pony Upgrades Await

Between races, you'll have the chance to unlock exciting new levels with fresh challenges. Completing these courses earns you special upgrades for your pony, like boosts to running speed or jumping ability.

Key Features

1. Jump into a vibrant, enchanting pony world.
2. Race your adorable pony companion to the finish line.
3. Easy controls perfect for kids and newcomers.
4. Unlock new levels with increasing challenges.
5. Upgrade your pony to boost its racing skills.

So get ready to make a new pony best friend and saddle up for a magical racing journey in my pony my little race. An unforgettable adventure awaits around every twist and turn of the track.


1. Right arrow to start the race/speed up
2. Up arrow to jump

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