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Leader Strike

Leader Strike

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Leader Strike is a wild first-person shooter game where world leaders battle it out with real weapons. Forget boring debates - these politicians are settling disagreements by taking aim and firing.

You get to choose an iconic politician like Trump, Kim Jong Un, or Putin to lead into battle. Each leader looks and fights hilariously different, adding to the crazy fun.

Achieving Objectives

Your main goal is to defeat the opposing leaders in fast-paced multiplayer deathmatches. Use smart strategy alongside your shooting skills to outwit and take down every enemy you face. Become the last leader standing!

Weapons Used

These politicians come locked and loaded with a full arsenal of firepower. Rocket launchers, sniper rifles, you name it - the weapons make the political satire even funnier. Nobody is safe from getting blasted!

Tips and Tricks

1. Study each leader's strengths and weaponry to capitalize on them.
2. Move smartly and take cover to avoid getting caught in crossfires.
3. Use voice taunts to humorously distract and psych out opponents.
4. Stay on the move - camping leaders are easy targets.


1. Insanely funny first-person shooter gameplay with iconic world leaders.
2. Fast-paced multiplayer deathmatches full of nonstop action and satire.
3. Distinctive qualities and weapons for each leader you can play as.
4. Simple but satisfying run-and-gun shooter mechanics anyone can pick up.

Leader Strike brings plenty of hilarious political humor along with intense shooting action. Put your skills to the test as your favorite legendary leader - just remember to leave the real-world politics at the door.



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