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Tunnel Rush

Tunnel Rush

2.5 (2 Reviews)
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Classification: Games » Skill

Tunnel Rush Online is an exciting 3D game for one player. You race through tunnels filled with things in your way. Use your keyboard to move around and dodge barriers. Each level drops you into a swirling tunnel with new hazards.

The goal is to get through the twisting tunnels without crashing. You have to react really fast to avoid hitting the obstacles. Tunnel Rush will challenge your quick reflexes and skills. Can you beat the bendy paths?

Every level is different, with new tunnel shapes and barriers to dodge. You need to think quickly and move fast to get past the stuff in your way. It's an intense game that really tests how good you are!
With bright visuals and heart-pounding action, Tunnel Rush pushes your abilities. Get ready for a thrilling ride where your skills will be challenged! Can you become the best at dodging barriers?

Tips & Tricks

Look ahead to spot hazards early and get ready to dodge them.

1. Watch out for moving barriers and anticipate where they'll be going.
2. Even though Tunnel Rush seems fast-paced, you'll have enough time to react to each obstacle.
3. Use quick tapping on your keyboard to make small adjustments and weave through tight spaces.
4. Stay focused and don't get distracted by the swirling visuals or you might crash.
5. Practice levels to learn the patterns and master trickier sections.


1. A/Left Arrow - Move Left
2. D/Right Arrow - Move Right

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