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Flying Cars Era

Flying Cars Era

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Step into the future of transportation with Flying Cars Era, the exciting racing game that lets you explore, challenge, and compete in the skies.

Conquering Traps

In the flying cars era, you'll face various obstacles and traps that will test your flying skills. From treacherous landscapes to unexpected hazards, you'll need to remain vigilant and use your skills to conquer these challenges. Remember, one wrong move could spell disaster for your flying car.

Achieving Objectives

Each game mode in game presents specific objectives that you must achieve to progress and unlock new levels. Whether it's collecting diamonds in Free Drive, beating the clock in Challenge mode, or outmaneuvering your opponents in Race, staying focused and giving it your all is crucial.

Multiple Modes, Endless Fun

Game offers three distinct game modes to cater to every player's preferences.

1. Free Drive - Explore a vast open world, hone your flying skills, and collect diamonds scattered throughout the map. Jump off ramps and soar through the air.
2. Challenge - Test your piloting prowess against the clock across ten unique maps. Overcome obstacles, master shortcuts, and aim for record-breaking times.
3. Race - Gear up for a heart-pounding competition. Race against five AI opponents on eight thrilling race tracks, each featuring two laps. Earn your place on the podium and dominate the competition.

Double the Excitement

Make Flying Cars Era even more thrilling by inviting a friend to join you in two-player mode. Work together to explore in Free Drive or challenge each other to races and see who truly reigns supreme in the skies.

Fuel Your Need for Speed

Throughout the game, earn diamonds that can be used to unlock a fleet of five futuristic flying cars. Each vehicle boasts unique capabilities and enhanced performance, allowing you to take your racing experience to new heights.

Tips and Tricks for Aspiring Pilots

1. Diamond Dash - Collect as many diamonds as possible to expand your car collection and gain an edge over the competition.
2. Landing Like a Pro - Practice smooth landings to save time and minimize damage to your flying car.
3. Shortcut Savvy - In races, utilize shortcuts and strategically deployed turbo boosts to outmaneuver your opponents.

Features That Take Flight

1. Futuristic Flying Cars - Pilot five unique flying car models, each with its own strengths and special abilities.
2. Two-Player Mode - Team up with a friend or challenge them to a high-octane flying showdown.
3. Diverse Game Modes Free - Drive for casual exploration, Challenge for a test of skill, and Race for pure competitive fun.
4. In-Game Store - Invest your collected diamonds in faster, more powerful flying cars.

With its futuristic setting, diverse game modes, and thrilling gameplay, flying cars era offers an exhilarating blend of racing, exploration, and competition. Buckle up, pilots, and experience the next generation of flying cars.


If playing single

1. Move "W,A,S,D" or "ARROW KEYS"
3. Hand brake "SPACE"
4. Reset car position "R"
5. Look back "B"

If playing two players

Player 1
1. Move "ARROW KEYS"
3. Hand brake "P"
4. Reset car position "O"
5. Look back "L"

Player 2
1. Move "W,A,S,D"
3. Hand brake "SPACE"
4. Reset car position "R"
5. Look back "T"

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