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Bear Sus

Bear Sus

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Get ready to unleash your inner beast in Bear Sus, the hilarious and action-packed brawling game where you fight as a ferocious bear.

Simple Controls, Savage Brawls

Don't let the two-button control scheme fool you. Bear Sus offers easy-to-learn mechanics that allow for surprisingly deep combat. Chain together combos and dominate the ring with intuitive button presses. Simple controls open the door to strategic gameplay and cunning battle tactics.

Conquering Traps

In the world of Bear Sus, you'll face various traps and obstacles designed to test your brawling prowess. From environmental hazards to crafty opponents, you'll need to stay alert and use your bear's strength and agility to overcome these challenges and emerge victorious.

Furry Fighters

Choose your champion from a roster of 8 unique wrestling bears, each with their own fighting style. Mix and match moves to create your own personalized battle strategy and surprise your opponents with unexpected combos.

Multiple Modes to Maul

Test your skills in a variety of game modes in game. Battle through the Arcade Mode, defeating a gauntlet of grizzly opponents to unlock new bears and customization options. Challenge a friend in the thrilling 2-Player Mode, or see how long you can last in the brutal Endless Mode, where your health carries over from round to round.

Features for the Furry Furious

1. Simple Yet Strategic Easy controls open the door for deep gameplay and tactics.
2. 8 Brawling Bears Select your combatant from a roster of unique bears.
3. Multiple Modes Arcade, 2-Player, and Endless Modes offer diverse challenges.
4. Unlockable Content Earn new bears and customization options as you progress.

Tips and Tricks

1. Study each bear's moveset to discover powerful combo opportunities.
2. Master the art of blocking and countering to turn the tide of battle.
3. In Endless Mode, prioritize defensive tactics to preserve your health.
4. Experiment with different bear and customization combinations to find your perfect fit.

Become the King of the Grizzlies in BearSus. Sharpen your fighting skills, choose your favorite bear, and dominate the competition in this action-packed brawler.


1. A/D (or Left/Right arrow keys) is used to move and jump.
2. Attack 1 Left, Left (or A, A)
3. Attack 2 Right, Right, or D, D
4. Double Jump 1 Left, Right (or A, D)
5. Double Leap 2 D, A (or Left, Right)
6. Attack 3 A (or Left) while double-jumping
7. Attack 3 D (or Right) while double-jumping

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