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Time Shooter 3

Time Shooter 3

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Time Shooter 3 is an action-packed first-person shooter game. It's the newest game in the Time Shooter series. Time Shooter 3 has a unique time manipulation feature. When you don't move, time slows down around you.

The core gameplay revolves around this time-slowing ability. You must use strategic movement to dodge enemy attacks. Moving slowly lets you aim and execute precise tactical maneuvers. The combat has a cool "Matrix-style" slow-motion effect.
In Time Shooter 3, you face a new threat - terrorists. These are not the "orange men" from previous games. Your mission is to free hostages held by the terrorists. You must eliminate this dangerous terrorist group.

What's new in this Time Shooter sequel?

The terrorists wear heavy armor like riot shields, helmets, and body armor. This increases the challenge. You'll need clever tactics to defeat these stronger enemies.
Time Shooter 3 also adds new breaching mechanics. Use a battering ram or shotgun to bust down doors. This allows tactical entry to clear rooms quickly.

Time Shooter 3 tips

1. Check your surroundings before moving to avoid ambushes.
2. Plan which weapons to use in each situation.
3. Utilize riot shields to protect yourself when needed.
4. Pick the right weapon for the combat scenario.

Key features

1. Epic slow-motion gunfights in 3D environments.
2. A diverse arsenal of weapons to use.
3. Fresh gameplay challenges and additions.
4. Free-to-play on web browsers (desktop and mobile).

Release Date

SWAT launched in March 2022. This intense action game is playable right in your web browser. Try Time Shooter 3 today for free!


1 .WASD or arrow keys = move
2 .Left-click = shoot / pick up weapon
3. Right-click or R = throw weapon
4. F = pick up / throw shield

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