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What Are Online Fighting Games?

Online fighting games are browser-based video games where players fight one-on-one using different moves and strategies. The fun part is competing against players from around the world to test your skills. There are many kinds of fighting games for different tastes.

Some games focus only on hand-to-hand combat between two fighters, like Striker Dummies and Wrestle Bros. Others mix in weapons, wrestling moves, or shooting. Classic games like Super Smash Flash let you experience old-school fist-fighting action.

No matter your fighting style, silly games with ragdoll physics like Drunken Boxing are hilarious. Fighters can find an online game perfect for practicing intense fighting matches against real people. The variety lets you pick how you want to battle.

Popular Online Fighting Game Subgenres

Traditional Fighting Games

Traditional fighting games let two players fight one-on-one. You use combos, which are chains of attack moves done one after another. Timing is important to do combos right. You also pick a fighter character that fits your style. Some are better at close attacks, while others are good at far-away attacks.

Popular Games:

  1. Stick Fighter - This game has stick-figure fighters battling each other. The controls are simple, and there are different arenas to fight in. It's a classic fighting game that's fun.
  2. Wrestle Bros - In this wrestling game, you pick a funny character and use wild wrestling moves on your opponent. The characters are silly and the moves are over-the-top.
  3. Drunken Boxing - You control a drunk fighter whose body flops around crazily. It's a funny game that mixes comedy with real boxing actions. The wacky ragdoll physics makes it hilarious.

Platform Fighting Games

Platform fighting games let you fight while jumping between platforms. You use the platforms to move around and attack from different areas. Good jumping skills and knowing when to use items help you win.

Popular Games:

  1. Mr. Dude: King of the Hill - In this game, you play as wacky dudes battling on multi-level stages. Knocking opponents off high platforms is the way to win. Mastering precise jumps and item usage is key.
  2. Super Smash Flash 2 - A popular online platform fighter featuring Nintendo characters like Mario. You'll jump across stages trying to launch enemies off with melee attacks and items. Positioning yourself well on the platforms is important.

Fighting RPGs

Fighting RPGs blend one-on-one combat with role-playing game elements. As you play, your fighter character gets new gear and special abilities. You level up your fighter by completing quests and battling enemies.

Popular Games:

  1. Shadow Fight 3 - This game lets you customize your fighter with cool weapons and armor found by playing. Different fighting styles work better against certain enemy types you'll face.
  2. Kung Fu Fight - Your kung fu fighter gains experience and unlocks new powerful moves. You'll need to master all the combat abilities to progress through the challenging levels.
  3. Stickman Fighter - While it looks simple, this game allows your stickman fighter to get stronger over time. You equip new gear and learn advanced fighting techniques to take on tougher opponents.

Popular Fighting Games To Play

These popular fighting games can be played right in your web browser on a PC, mobile, or tablet - no downloading or installing required! We've curated this collection of the most beloved, highly-rated fighting games of all time that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere. Jump into epic battles against others online or practice against the computer in these classics.

  1. Drunken Boxing
  2. Striker Dummies
  3. Mr. Dude: King of the Hill
  4. Monster Life
  5. Puppet Fighter 2 Player
  6. Funny Blade & Magic
  7. Clash of Skulls
  8. Fight Arena Online
  9. Big Shot Boxing
  10. Iron Snout
  11. Rowdy Wrestling
  12. War of Sticks
  13. Thumb Fighter
  14. Stickman Fighter: Epic Battle
  15. Stickman Dragon Fight

Tips and Tricks for Different Fighting Games

Traditional Fighting Games

  • Practice Combos: Combos are chains of attack moves. Timing is super important. Practice hitting buttons at just the right moments.
  • Pick Your Fighter Wisely: Choose a fighter character that fits your playing style. Some are better at close-up attacks, while others are good at far-away attacks.
  • Punish Missed Attacks: If your opponent misses an attack, counter-attack them quickly for extra damage.
  • Footsie Game: Learn to position yourself better than your opponent when you're not comboing.

Platform Fighters

  • Jump Between Platforms: Get good at jumping between platforms. Jumping at the right times helps you attack and avoid getting hit.
  • Use Items: Items like baseball bats or shells can damage your opponents when you find them.
  • Control the Stage: Pay attention to the level layouts. Positions that trap opponents near edges are powerful.
  • Extend Combos: Learn to use certain moves that let you keep a combo going after landing a hit.
  • Fast Fall Techniques: Quickly falling helps you aggressively attack opponents.

Fighting RPGs

  • Upgrade Your Fighter: Get stronger gear and new abilities often. They'll help you face tougher enemies.
  • Learn Enemy Patterns: In new areas, watch how enemies attack so you know when to block or counter.
  • Change Strategies: Different enemies require different strategies. Master all your fighter's abilities.
  • Manage Resources: Things like mana or stamina for special moves must be managed carefully.