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Detective Loupe Puzzle

Detective Loupe Puzzle

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Calling all aspiring detectives. Put on your thinking cap and join Detective Loupe in a thrilling world of puzzles and mysteries in Detective Loupe Puzzle.

Sharpen your detective skills across a variety of unique cases in Detective Loupe Puzzle. Each level presents a fresh mystery, filled with intriguing characters, captivating stories, and hidden secrets waiting to be uncovered.

Uncover the Clues

As a detective, your primary objective is to scour meticulously crafted crime scenes for hidden clues and evidence. Utilize the magnifying glass to zoom in on suspicious details, and don't hesitate to use hints when you get stuck.

Conquering Traps

In Detective Loupe Puzzle, you'll encounter various challenges and traps that will test your deductive reasoning skills. From red herrings to misleading evidence, you'll need to remain vigilant and use your wits to navigate through these obstacles and uncover the truth.

Achieving Objectives

Each case in Detective Loupe Puzzle presents specific objectives that you must achieve to solve the mystery. Whether it's identifying the culprit, finding a missing item, or resolving a family dispute, staying focused and using your detective skills is crucial.

Interrogation Station

Your detective work isn't complete without questioning potential suspects. In Detective Loupe Puzzle, you'll have the opportunity to interrogate various characters and gather information to piece together the puzzle. Can you separate truth from lies and identify the guilty party?

Beyond Murder Mysteries

While criminal investigations are a significant part of Detective Loupe Puzzle, your detective work isn't limited to murder mysteries alone. From missing cookies to bickering families, there's a case for every type of sleuth, ensuring a diverse and engaging experience.
Detective Loupe Puzzle's simple and intuitive point-and-click gameplay makes it accessible to detectives of all ages. Just point, click, and solve your way to the truth.


1. Variety of cases with unique stories and characters.
2. Hidden clues and evidence to uncover.
3. Magnifying glass for zooming in on details.
4. Hint system for when you get stuck.
5. Interrogate suspects and gather information.
6. Diverse cases beyond just murder mysteries.
7. Simple point-and-click gameplay.

Tips and Tricks

1. In the crime scenes pay close attention to details.
2. Use the magnifying glass to inspect suspicious areas.
3. Don't be afraid to use hints when you're stumped.
4. Carefully consider the information provided by suspects.
5. Look for patterns and connections between clues.

With a variety of puzzles, hidden objects, and riddles to solve, Detective Loupe Puzzle offers endless hours of brain-teasing fun for aspiring sleuths. Are you ready to crack the case? Join Detective Loupe and embark on a thrilling journey of deduction and discovery.


1. To interact with the game use the left mouse button on items or persons
2. Hold the left/right mouse to use the magnifier

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