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Bomb It 7

Bomb It 7

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Bomb It 7 is an awesome new game that brings bigger and better bombing action than ever before. Get ready for an explosive good time with all the new maps, challenges, and game modes.

Classic BombIt Fun

The classic Bomb It gameplay you love is still at the core. Navigate each map carefully while strategically planting your bombs to outwit and blow up opponents. But watch out - they'll be trying to bomb you too!

Conquering Traps

These all-new maps have tons of environmental obstacles and unique hazards to keep you on your toes. Icy surfaces that make bomb blasts slide farther, teleporters that can whisk you across levels - you'll need to master each map's tricks to survive!

Achieving Objectives

Your main mission is to outlast all rival players by being the last bomber standing. Do whatever it takes - set up sneak attacks, target opponents' explosives, grab power-ups for an edge! Just don't let their bombs get you first.

Weapons Used:

In each round, your basic arsenal is the standard-issue bomb supply and whatever power-ups you can find lying around. These special items can give you an explosive advantage like bigger bomb blasts, ice bombs, decoy dummies, and more.

Tips and Tricks

1. Study each new map's terrain and hazards before planting your first bomb.
2. Identify strategic choke points and trap locations for ambushing enemies.
3. Prioritize grabbing power-ups as soon as they appear for the best boost.
4. Try out different bomber customizations to demoralize foes.


1. Multiple addictive game modes from free-for-all chaos to team battles.
2. Destructible environments that let you blow holes in the scenery.
3. 9 unique maps filled with hazards and power-up spawns to shake up gameplay.
4. 50 levels of challenge across 3 difficulty settings for all skills.
5. Customize your look by unlocking hats and taunts for extra swagger.

The Bomb It series has never been bigger and badder than with Bomb It 7! Whether battling AI baddies or blasting friends online, this explosive strategy game delivers bombastic fun at every turn.


A) Player 1 controls
1. Arrow keys or WASD to control the movement
2. Space bar to drop the bomb

2) Player 2 controls
1. Arrow keys to control the movement
2. Enter to drop the bomb

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