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We Skate

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Get ready to skate like a real pro with We Skate. This awesome browser game lets you experience all the thrills of skateboarding right on your phone or tablet.

Grind Rails and Land Sick Tricks

From the very start, you'll be carving up the pavement and pulling off amazing skateboard tricks. You have to time your moves perfectly to jump over big ramps and gaps. You can even grind along rails while doing cool trick combos. But look out for things in your way.

Watch For Obstacles Ahead

The skateboarder's life isn't always easy cruising. As you skate through new areas, you have to be careful of things that can make you fall off your board. Like annoying birds that get in your way or badly placed ramps. If you're not careful, you could take a painful spill.

Use Your Skating Cash

The more you skate, the more coins you'll collect. And those coins let you unlock awesome new skateboarding gear. You can customize your character's hat, shoes, and board design to show your unique skate style.

Mastering Monster Combos

While finishing levels is fun, the real goal is to rack up huge trick combo scores. Study each area closely to find the lines that let you string together multiple flip tricks without falling.

The Endless Skating Dream

If you're a distance skater, you'll want to focus on riding as far as possible on a single run. This means avoiding risky moves in favor of smooth lines that keep your wheels rolling endlessly.

Tips and Tricks:

1. Time jumps perfectly to clear gaps and nail trick combos.
2. Use grinds on rails to extend combos and boost score.
3. Collect all coins for upgrades that increase speed/air.
4. Avoid obstacles like birds that can abruptly end your run.
5. Study levels to plan out long lines for maximum combos.
6. Upgrade gear focusing on stats that fit your play style.

Whether you want to pull off mind-blowing trick runs or just cruise around, We Skate has the skating thrills you want! Play it now and start shredding on your phone today.


Jump: W, up arrow key, space bar, or click

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