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Subway Surfers Havana

Subway Surfers Havana

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Brace yourselves, runners - the nonstop action of Subway Surfers is back and better than ever in the latest Havana update. This endless runner game will have your heart pounding as you outrun the Inspector.

Jake's Epic Subway Chase

Once again you'll take control of the daring Jake as he desperately tries to evade capture after being caught spray painting subway property. It's a feeling all too familiar - sprint, jump, and dodge your way through a railroad of obstacles and fast-moving trains.

Unlock Fresh Characters and Boards

What makes subway surfers so endlessly playable is the ability to collect coins and keys to unlock awesome new content. Cruise around on funky new hoverboards or play as one of the colorful cast of characters beyond just Jake. Each one has a unique look and abilities.

Hone Those Runner Skills

As you rack up high scores, you'll earn enough coins and keys to upgrade your character's stats and gear to pull off even crazier runs. Give Jake a speed boost or equip him with powers like jumping higher or temporary invincibility against trains.

Running the Gauntlet

Staying alive in Subway Surfers takes sharp reflexes and smart navigation. You'll need to time jumps perfectly to hop between moving subway platforms and slide under low tunnels. Miss a beat and you're headed for a painful collision.

Achieve Those Sweet Bonuses

For seasoned runners, the key to racking up points is chaining together combos and achieving feats like near-misses or destroying objects. These high-risk bonuses really separate the skilled surfers from the rookies.

Key Features

1. Endless running through a dynamic, changing subway world.
2. Collectible characters, boards, and power-up upgrades.
3. Daily challenges and bonus rewards for consistent play.
4. Perfect for quick mobile gaming sessions or browser play.
5. Addictive mix of running, jumping, and evasion skills required.

Whether you're a long-time Subway Surfers vet or new to the crew, the nonstop thrills of outrunning the Inspector make this an endless running game you'll return to again and again. Board up and surf through Havana today.


1. Left/right arrow - Move left/right
2. Up arrow - Jump
3. Down arrow - Roll
4. Space - Activate hoverboard

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