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Bank Robbery

Bank Robbery

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Bank Robbery is an exciting first-person shooter game. You take on the role of a masked robber battling against police trying to storm the bank. The game has unique 3D polygonal graphics for intense, blocky brawls. Fight through relentless waves of enemies using your shooter skills.

While one teammate focuses on grabbing the loot, you'll need to rely on your aim and any available allies. Utilize cover strategically and shoot carefully in this fast-paced but punishing gameplay.

Master navigating the bank's maze-like layout with open spaces and structures. Outmaneuver the police by taking advantage of the environment. Bank Robbery has simple keyboard and mouse controls ideal for frantic action. But surviving the brutal onslaught of enemies is a supreme test of endurance!

The more foes you eliminate, the more money and health you earn. Conquer each wave to inch closer to your grand escape. Use your hard-earned cash to upgrade your weapon arsenal and hire backup. Your ultimate goal? Buy a helicopter and make your daring getaway!

Best of all, you can play Bank Robbery anywhere, anytime right in your web browser on PC or mobile devices.Bank Robbery was developed by justaliendev and offers a frenetic first-person shooter fantasy experience with blocky visuals. Rob the bank, but watch out for the police!

Key tips for Players

1. Use the unique 3D graphics to find hiding spots and flank enemies.
2. Move carefully and watch your blind spots - foes can ambush from any angle.
3. Conserve ammo by aiming for headshots, which deal massive damage.
4. Don't get surrounded! Repositioning is key when outnumbered.
5. Upgrade weapons frequently to increase firepower and earn an edge.


1. Mouse Cursor - Look Aim
2. Left Mouse Button - Fire/Attack
3. Right Mouse Button - Precise Aim
4. W - Move Forward
5. S - Move Backward
6. A - Move Left
7. D - Move Right
8. R - Reload
9. C - Crouch
10. Q/E or Mousewheel - Cycle through weapons

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