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Subway Surfers Mumbai

Subway Surfers Mumbai

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Get ready for an awesome endless running adventure in Subway Surfers Mumbai. Jake, Tricky and the whole crew are dodging trains and causing trouble on the busy streets of Mumbai, India's biggest city.

Meet Jay - The New Local Buddy

There's a fresh new subway surfer named Jay who just joined Jake's group. Jay is a kid from Mumbai who knows all the coolest spots around town. He'll be your guide through the hustle and bustle.

Dress in Traditional Indian Style

You can give Jake, Tricky and the rest of your characters a fun new look by dressing them up in traditional Indian clothing. Like Jay can wear a cool kurta outfit with baggy pants. So bright and colorful.

Hunt for Lotus Flowers and Win Prizes

As you run and jump through Mumbai, keep an eye out for pretty lotus flowers blooming everywhere. If you collect a bunch of them, you can win awesome prizes in the Weekly Hunt game.

Same Endless Running You Love

Of course, you'll still get to play the classic Subway Surfers running game that's so much fun. Run as far as you can, jumping over obstacles and dodging trains. Grab coins and power-ups for big points and to escape that grumpy Inspector guy.

Tips and Tricks

1. Use the Headstart to get a running start past early trains
2. Hit awnings to uncover hidden shortcuts through buildings.
3. Look for lotus flowers hiding on roofs and signs.


1. See Mumbai's Famous Sights - Like the huge railway station and beachfront parks.
2. Meet Cool New Local Jay - He'll show you all the best Mumbai spots.
3. Dress in Bright Indian Outfits - Like colorful kurtas and vibrant saris.
4. Lotus Flower Hunting Fun - Find flowers to win prizes in the weekly competition.

Get pumped to join Jake and Tricky's endless running craziness in the big, bustling city of Mumbai. Subway Surfers Mumbai brings the action to India's entertainment capital.


1. Left / Right Arrow = Move Left / Right
2. Up Arrow = Jump
3. Down Arrow Roll
4. Space = Activate Hoverboard

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