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Subway Surfers Hongkong

Subway Surfers Hongkong

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Get ready for an awesome new endless running adventure with Subway Surfers in Hong Kong! In this new tour stop, you'll dash through a bright neon city filled with cool sights like markets, ships, and famous buildings. The streets of Hong Kong are super crowded with lots of obstacles in your way. You'll need to jump over barriers, trains, vendors and other hazards that can make you crash. Stay focused or you could get really hurt!

Meet the New Surfer Brandon

A brand new character named Brandon joins the subway surfing crew in Hong Kong. Brandon is a kung fu master with his own special kung fu outfit. Use Brandon's awesome martial arts moves to scare away the Inspector and his dog!

Core Gameplay

Your main goal is to run as far as you can while collecting lots of coins and bonuses. The more coins you get, the more you can spend on unlocking new items like hoverboards and power-ups to help you go even further.

Tips and Tricks

1. Use Brandon's kung fu kicking skills to knock away certain obstacles.
2. Time your jumps perfectly to leap over trains and off ramps.
3. Collect the special Dragon token during the Moon Festival event.
4. Stay concentrated - one missed grind or jump can end your whole run!


1. Bright neon-lit Hong Kong city with cool markets and scenery.
2. Play as the new kung fu character Brandon with his special outfit.
3. Unlock and upgrade the stylish new Wayfarer hoverboard.
4. Collect limited Dragon tokens during the fun Moon Festival event.
5. Same endless running action with jumping, dodging and high scores!

Subway Surfers takes you on an awesome tour of the unique Hong Kong city. Can you help the crew escape the Inspector while mastering the twists and turns? Lace up your kicking shoes and start surfing.


1. Left / Right Arrow = Move Left / Right
2. Up Arrow = Jump
3. Down Arrow Roll
4. Space = Activate Hoverboard

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