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Geometry Neon Dash Rainbow

Geometry Neon Dash Rainbow

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Get ready for an awesome free game - Geometry Neon Dash Rainbow! In this game, you'll jump and dodge over obstacles while grooving to an energetic soundtrack across colorful neon worlds.

New Challenges

These levels are full of deadly hazards that want to crash your neon shape. Look out for spiky walls, spinning blades, and moving platforms. You'll need to have quick movements and perfect timing to jump over every dangerous trap.

Mail Goal

Your main goal is to survive for as long as possible by jumping perfectly in sync with the beat of the music. Each level gets harder and harder until you eventually miss a jump. Try to get super high scores by lasting a really long time.

Tips and Tricks

1. Start on the easier levels first to get used to the jumping timing.
2. Pay close attention to the upbeat music to nail each jump.
3. Study the patterns ahead of time to plan out your jumps.
4. Stay focused, one mistake can suddenly end your whole run.


1. Awesome neon graphics that sync up perfectly with the thumping soundtracks.
2. Endless levels that just keep getting harder and harder.
3. Simple tap controls that are easy to learn but tough to master.
4. All kinds of spinning blades, walls, and other deadly obstacles to jump over.
5. Go for huge high scores by surviving as long as you can.

Geometry Neon Dash Rainbow is a blast of a game filled with vibrant colors, heart-pumping beats, and non-stop jumping action. Can you tap into that rhythmic flow state and become a neon jumping master?


Simply click or tap the screen to jump and avoid any obstacles that may appear.

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