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Car Thief Tank Edition

Car Thief Tank Edition

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Calling all thrill-seekers. Strap in and get ready to wreak havoc in Cars Thief Tank Edition, the action-packed online game that throws you into a lawless urban jungle.

This isn't your grandma's carjacking simulator. In the cars thief tank edition, you can steal tanks, cars, or even helicopters to explore the sprawling open world city at your own pace. The streets are your playground, and no vehicle is off-limits.

Mission Mania

Embark on a variety of exciting missions that will test your driving, shooting, and exploration skills. Complete objectives, earn rewards, and upgrade your arsenal of vehicles and weaponry. Each mission is a new challenge to conquer.

Conquering Traps

The city streets in game are filled with traps and hazards that will challenge your driving prowess. From unexpected obstacles to hot pursuit by law enforcement, you'll need to stay alert and use your skills to navigate these dangers and emerge victorious.

Achieving Objectives

Each mission in the car's thief tank edition presents specific objectives that you must achieve to progress. Whether it's outrunning the police, delivering stolen goods, or engaging in high-speed chases, staying focused and giving it your all is crucial.

The game offers an unparalleled selection of vehicles. Cruise the streets in a souped-up car, dominate the battlefield in a powerful tank, or take to the skies in a maneuverable helicopter. The choice is yours, and mastering each vehicle's unique capabilities is key to success.

A City Alive (with Danger)

Explore a vast open world environment teeming with life in game. Interact with other players, outrun the police, and discover hidden secrets scattered throughout the city. Danger lurks around every corner, keeping you on your toes.

Customize Your Chaos

Don't settle for a stock vehicle. The game allows you to personalize your rides with a variety of accessories and weapon upgrades. Craft the ultimate machine for urban warfare and make your mark on the city streets.

Tips and Tricks for the Taking

1. Upgrade Your Arsenal Invest in vehicle and weapon upgrades for a significant edge.
2. Missions Mean Money Complete missions to earn rewards and unlock new features.
3. Strength in Numbers Interact with other players and learn from their experiences.
4. Stay Alert, Driver Keep an eye out for law enforcement and other hazards.

The game offers a unique blend of racing, shooting, exploration, and open-world mayhem. Are you ready to unleash your inner urban warrior and take control of the city streets?


1. Use WASD or arrow keys to steer your vehicle
2. Spacebar to shoot/fire weapons
3. Shift to use nitrous boost
4. E to enter/exit vehicles
5. F to steal the car

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