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Red And Blue Stickman 2

Red And Blue Stickman 2

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Red and Blue Stickman 2 is an awesome puzzle game where you control two stick characters at the same time and have to work together to escape the Forest Temple.

This jungle maze is full of obstacles and tricky spots. You'll need to push boxes, hit switches, and make the stickmen jump at just the right moments. One wrong move and you could get stuck or send them plummeting into a pit.

Game Objectives

Your main mission is to guide both the red and blue stickmen safely through each interconnected level until you reach the exit door. But it's not just about escaping - collect all the diamonds you can find hidden throughout for bonus challenges.

Tips and Tricks

1. Study each maze layout first to plan an optimal path for both characters.
2. Assign one set of controls to red, the other to blue for seamless coordination.
3. Look for opportunities to hit multiple switches or clear new paths.
4. If you get stuck, sometimes backtracking can reveal a new solution.


1. Control two characters simultaneously through maze-like labyrinth levels.
2. Challenging environmental puzzles that test your brain and reflexes.
3. Rewarding collectible diamonds hidden throughout for added objectives.
4. Simple but addictive stick figure art style with colorful backdrops.
5. Perfect co-op game to play and problem solve with a friend.

Red and Blue Stickman 2 is a unique blend of challenging puzzle-platforming and cooperative gameplay. Whether you're playing solo or with a buddy, you'll need to form the ultimate team to conquer these fiendishly designed mazes together!


WASD and arrow keys to move.

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