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Moto Road Rash

Moto Road Rash

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Moto Road Rash 3D is an exciting motorcycle racing game. You'll race at extreme speeds, weaving through traffic and doing daring moves on your powerful motorbike.

Multiple Challenging Modes

The game has several game modes like Career, Endless, Time Trial, and Free Ride. Each one has its own unique goals and challenges to test your racing abilities.

Race Across Diverse Landscapes

You'll race through big cities in countries like the UK and Turkey. The different tracks are designed to really push your skills to the limit.

Customize Your Dream Bike

As you earn cash from races, you can use it to upgrade your motorcycle or get brand new bikes with better performance.

Easy and Realistic Controls

The controls are simple touch and tilt gestures that feel just like handling a real motorbike. But mastering the controls during high-speed races takes serious skill.

Stay In Control At All Costs

You'll need perfect riding precision to maintain control while overtaking other vehicles through unpredictable traffic patterns. Every maneuver must be timed carefully.

Collect Bonuses and Set Records

Look out for bonuses and power-ups that boost your score as you blaze through tracks. The faster you go, the higher your score climbs - but watch for speed traps.

Key Tips

1. Practice makes perfect when it comes to controlled motorbike handling.
2. Look ahead on the track to anticipate openings for clean overtakes.
3. Prioritize grabbing bonuses for extra points and temporary speed boosts.
4. Find the right balance between pushing top speeds and avoiding hazards.

Key Features

1. Realistic mechanics combined with gorgeous 3D visuals create an immersive experience.
2. Huge garage with a wide variety of customizable motorcycles.
3. Easy-to-learn yet nuanced touch and tilt control scheme.
4. Pure adrenaline rush from weaving through dense city traffic at high speeds.


1. Arrow keys or WASD Race, Break, and Turn the bike.
2. Space - Wheelie.

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