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Hide From School

Hide From School

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Channel your inner prankster and ditch detention in Hide From School, the free online game that blends hide-and-seek, escape room thrills, and global competition.

Escape the Halls

Take on the role of a mischievous student determined to evade the watchful eyes of your teachers in Hide From School. Use cunning tactics, solve puzzles, and employ creative disguises to outsmart your pursuers and achieve glorious freedom from the school's clutches.

Conquering Traps

As you navigate the halls and classrooms of Hide From School, you'll encounter various traps and obstacles designed to thwart your escape attempts. Stay alert for watchful teachers, locked doors, and other hazards that stand in your way to freedom.

Hide in Plain Sight

Don't just blend into the background – become the background! Hide From School offers a variety of clever disguises that allow you to transform into objects scattered around the school. Blend seamlessly into your surroundings to avoid detection.

A Puzzling Escape

Your path to freedom is blocked by locked doors and perplexing puzzles. Think critically, decipher clues, and utilize your problem-solving skills to navigate your escape route and unlock the way to the outside world.

Multiplayer Mayhem (Coming Soon!)

Get ready to raise the stakes. The upcoming online multiplayer mode will pit you against students from around the world in a global game of hide-and-seek with a twist. Can you outwit your rivals and emerge as the ultimate escape artist?

Features for the Fugitive Student:

1. Hide or Seek: Master disguise and cunning tactics to evade capture.
2. Puzzle Power: Solve mind-bending puzzles to unlock doors and progress.
3. Interactive Environments: Explore rooms, using shadows and objects strategically.
4. Global Competition (Coming Soon!): Challenge players worldwide in multiplayer mode.

Tips and Tricks:

1. Study your surroundings for potential disguises and hiding spots.
2. Move cautiously and stay alert for roaming teachers.
3. Use shadows and corners to your advantage when evading pursuit.
4. Think outside the box when solving puzzles – clues could be anywhere!

Hide From School offers a unique blend of hide-and-seek thrills, strategic escape room challenges, and the excitement of online competition. Do you have the cunning and creativity to become a master of disguise and achieve schoolyard freedom?


Use arrow keys or WASD keys for movement.

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