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Tennis Masters

Tennis Masters

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Tennis Masters is a super fun free online game where you get to play tennis against computer players or your friends. Get ready for some silly action with crazy power-ups.

These computer-controlled tennis opponents are really good. They'll try to hit trick shots to beat you. You'll need to pay close attention and react quickly to hit all their powerful serves and volleys back over the net.

Goal To Achieve In Game

Your main goal is to score more points than your opponent to win sets and matches. In one player mode, you challenge against the computer masters. In two player mode, you can play against your friend locally. Or try the tournament to play others online.

Tips and Tricks

1. Use any power-ups that appear to get an advantage like hitting rockets.
2. Practice your different serve styles to start off each point strong.
3. Keep your opponent confused by mixing up your shot types.
4. Have fun playing as a tiny character or a giant with funny transformations.


1. Multiple gameplay modes to face computer players, local friends, or online opponents.
2. Goofy transformations that shrink or grow your character's size.
3. Simple controls using just the arrow keys to move and spacebar to hit.
4. No accounts required, just start playing right away!

Tennis Masters brings the competition of tennis along with outrageous power-ups and silly character animations. Whether you're a tennis pro or have never played, it's a wildly fun game to enjoy rallying on the court.


1 Player Controls
1. Use AD to move
2. Use W to jump
3. Use V to hit
4. Use B to hit

2 Player Controls
1. Use arrow keys to move
2. Use up arrow key to jump
3. Use L to hit
4. Use K to hit

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