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Dodgeball is an awesome free online game that brings the classic dodging ball action into a cool, watery world! Get ready to dive into intense aquatic dodgeball matches and more.

Conquering Traps

Watch out, because opponents will be hurling balls at you from all angles! You'll need to bob, weave, and dodge like a pro to avoid getting hit. If a ball strikes you, you're out of that round. Stay light on your feet.

Achieving Objectives

The main goal in classic mode is to eliminate all players on the other team by striking them with balls. But be careful - if they catch your throw, you're the one who's out. Strategize with teammates to come out on top. In dodgeball, the balls are both your offensive weapon to slam opponents, and your defensive tool to catch and avoid getting hit yourself. Make every throw count, because once you're out of balls, you're down to just dodging.

Tips and Tricks

1. Keep moving to make yourself a tougher target to hit.
2. Go for bank shots off walls to throw curved balls.
3. When outnumbered, focus on catching to eliminate multiple opponents.
4. Communication with teammates is key for strategic ball distribution.


1. Classic dodgeball gameplay with a fun underwater twist.
2. Cool career mode that lets you progress through dodgeball challenges.
3. Wild extra modes like underwater wrestling and water soccer.
4. Customize your character with different looks and styles.
5. Simple controls perfect for jumping in and having some fun.

When you need to beat the heat, there's no better game than Dodgeball! Easy to learn but tough to master, it delivers splashy thrills whether you're playing the classic mode or going for a wacky wrestling match against friends.


A. Player 1 =
1. Use WASD to move
2. Use F button to throw the ball

B. Player 2 =
1. Use arrow keys to move
2. Use K button to throw the ball

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