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Gun Fu Stickman 2

Gun Fu Stickman 2

2.5 (4 Reviews)
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Classification: Games » Stickman

Gun Fu Stickman 2 is an awesome new shooting game where you control the legendary Stickman warrior, now packing a pair of pistols for twice the bullet-blasting action. Get ready to take down hordes of enemies from every angle. These relentless enemy hordes will swarm you from all sides, so you'll need lightning-fast reflexes to survive their onslaught. React quickly, scan for threats, and unload your firepower with pinpoint precision. Miss too many shots and it's game over.

Achieving Objectives

Your goal is to rack up as many kills as possible by eliminating wave after wave of encroaching enemies. The battles only get faster and more intense, so stay focused! Climb the leaderboards and collect rewards by proving you're the deadliest stickman shooter.

Massive Weapon Collections

While you start with a pair of trusty pistols, Gun Fu Stickman 2 lets you unlock and wield a massive arsenal of weapons from pistols to futuristic lasers to heavy explosives. Customize your loadout and obliterate foes with the perfect tool for any situation!

Tips and Tricks:

1. Strafe and take cover when overwhelmed to stay alive.
2. Alternate between pistols to maintain a steady stream of firepower.
3. Prioritize targets that get too close for comfort first.
4. Collect coins to buy new weapons and skins for your stickman warrior.


1. Intense dual-wielding shooter action with intuitive controls.
2. Unlock and use all kinds of devastating weapons and explosives.
3. Exciting story mode and a fun free-for-all battle royale multiplayer.
4. Addictive gameplay that keeps you glued to the screen, blasting baddies
5. Awesome stickman art style with simple but stylized graphics

It's time to live out your wildest action movie daydreams! Gun Fu Stickman 2 brings non-stop shooting excitement and lets you embody the ultimate dual-pistol-packing hero. Grab those twin hand cannons and start painting the walls red.


1. Choose to play either with your mouse or with keyboard.
2. Q - Shoot left top corner
3. A - Shoot left middle
4. Z - Shoot left bottom corner
5. O - Shoot right top corner
6. K - Shoot right middle
7. M - Shoot right bottom corner

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