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Apple Shooter

Apple Shooter

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Apple Shooter is a free online game that challenges you to hit the bullseye with high stakes. Grab your virtual bow and arrow, and get ready for a thrilling test of archery skill.

A Modern Archery Challenge

In the game, you step into the role of a modern-day sharpshooter. Your target is an apple balanced on a friend's head, just like the legendary tale of Wilhelm Tell. Success requires unwavering focus and pinpoint accuracy.

Simple Goal, High Tension

The objective seems simple - hit the apple with your arrow. However, after each successful shot, the apple moves further away, increasing the challenge. Miss the apple, and you face minor consequences. But hit your friend, and it's game over.

Leveling Up Your Archery

Apple Shooter offers a progressive challenge through multiple levels. With each new level, the distance to the apple increases, demanding constant improvement in your aiming skills. Learn to judge trajectories, account for wind direction, and release arrows with precision.

Nerves of Steel Required

More than just archery skill, the game tests your ability to focus under pressure. The potential consequence of hitting your friend looms over every shot, creating tension. Can you block out the stress and consistently hit the bullseye?

Tips and Tricks

1. Find the right balance between power and precision for each shot.
2. Pay attention to wind direction and adjust your aim accordingly.
3. Practice regularly - each attempt teaches you to refine your technique.

Master a Unique Challenge: The game blends archery and nerve-testing tension. If you're looking to sharpen your aiming skills under pressure, this game provides hours of gripping entertainment. Grab that virtual bow, steady your nerves, and become an archery master.


Use the left mouse button to aim and shoot.

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