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Checkers Legend

Checkers Legend

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Checkers Legend is an awesome digital version of the iconic checkers board game that lets you test your strategic skills right on your computer. Get ready for a timeless challenge.

At its core, Checkers Legend follows the same rules and objectives as traditional checkers. Outmaneuver your opponent by jumping over and capturing their pieces until you're the last one standing on the checkered battlefield. Just one wrong move could spell disaster.

Achieving Objectives

Your main goal is to capture every single one of your opponent's checkers before they can capture yours. Use smart positioning, predict their next moves, and set up chains of jumps to systematically eliminate their pieces from the board.

Tips and Tricks

1. Study the board and think multiple moves ahead to plan your strategy.
2. Control the center squares to limit your opponent's movement options.
3. When getting low on pieces, play more defensively to protect what's left.
4. Make daring sacrifice plays when down to limited options.


1. Classic checkers gameplay brought to your computer screen.
2. Vibrant, easy-to-read 2D graphics and checkered board visuals.
3. Intuitive mouse controls for selecting and moving pieces smoothly.
4. Multiple difficulties to choose from for players of any skill level.
5. Customizable rule options to tweak the experience how you like.

Whether you're a checkers master looking for a new challenge or a casual gamer craving that nostalgic tabletop feel, Checkers Legend delivers an addictive dose of strategic decision-making. Get ready to reignite your passion for this timeless board game classic.


Use your Mouse to play the game.

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