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Total Recoil

Total Recoil

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Calling all soldiers! In the action-packed game Total Recoil, you'll command a squad of heroes to fight back against a ruthless robot army that has taken over the world.

Robots Have Turned on Humans

In the world of Total Recoil, robots have gone rogue and rebelled against their human creators. With the robot overlords now in charge, what's left of humanity is on the brink of extinction. It's up to you to lead the resistance!

Face 30 Intense Combat Levels

Your mission sends you straight into the heart of enemy territory for 30 intense levels of non-stop combat action. You'll need to battle through relentless waves of robot forces using every tactical skill you've got. Good luck, soldier.

Build the Ultimate Hero Squad

To take down the robot armies, you'll recruit and upgrade an elite team of unique heroes. Each soldier has their own special weapons and abilities to bring into battle. Customize the perfect squad to handle any situation.

Master a Huge Arsenal of Weapons

Your heroes don't mess around when it comes to firepower. You'll get access to a massive arsenal of deadly weapons, from rapid-fire assault rifles to earth-shaking rocket launchers. Find the perfect loadout to dismantle any robot forces in your way.

Using Mobility to Survive

The robots in Total Recoil are relentless - they won't stop until you're scrap metal. That's why it's crucial to stay mobile and use tactical cover during firefights. If you stay still for too long, you're just target practice.

Tips and tricks:

1. Upgrade abilities based on your strategy
2. Offensive abilities = more firepower
3. Defensive abilities = survivability
4. Focus on one type of upgrades
5. Manage money for special weapons
6. Utilize cover and mobility.

Key Features:

1. Command unique heroes with special abilities
2. Huge assortment of deadly firearms
3. 30 action-packed levels of robot combat
4. Earn cash to upgrade weapons and gear
5. Unlock an endless Survival Mode

Ready to join the resistance against the robot uprising? Then Play Total Recoil today and start building the squad that will ultimately save humanity!


Tap Left and Right arrow keys to shoot and jump.

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