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Bottle Flip 2

Bottle Flip 2

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Classification: Games » Skill

Bottle Flip 2 is an awesome game that takes the viral bottle flipping craze to incredible new heights. Get ready to perfect your flipping skills, master strategic momentum, and battle your way up the leaderboards.

In Bottle Flip 2, simply flipping a bottle won't cut it. You'll need to use household objects like couches, tables, and chairs to strategically launch and land your bottle flips. Nail the timing and positioning of each flip perfectly - one mistake means shattering your bottle.

Achieving Objectives

Your main goal is to string together as many consecutive bottle flips as possible to rack up huge point combos. The longer you can keep the flip streak alive, the higher you'll soar up the global leaderboards against other elite flippers.

Tips and Tricks

1. Study each room's layout to plan out optimal flip paths and trajectories.
2. Use larger objects to safely land big flips for huge point boosts.
3. Flip directly onto angled surfaces for tricky bank shots and redirects.
4. Go for coins on daring flip routes to unlock new exclusive bottles.


1. Immersive 3D room environments filled with launchpads and obstacles.
2. Intense physics-based bottle flipping gameplay that really tests your skills.
3. Collect all 12 unique bottles from glass to sports drinks.
4. Compete globally on leaderboards to prove you're the ultimate meme lord.
5. Addictive easy-to-learn but hard-to-master gameplay loop.

Do you have what it takes to out-flip the world and become the next viral bottle flipping legend? Grab Bottle Flip 2 and get ready for an incredibly addictive and fun virtual challenge. Just don't let that bottle smash...


Use the mouse to play the game.

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