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Cricket World Cup

Cricket World Cup

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Cricket World Cup is an awesome online sports game that lets you step up to the crease and compete to become the ultimate cricket champion. Choose your favorite national team and get ready to score big runs.

Conquering Traps:

These cricket matches won't be easy. You'll face tough opponents looking to get you out quickly. Watch out for tricky spin bowlers and fierce pace attacks. One mistake and you could lose your wicket, so stay focused.

Achieving Objectives:

Your main goal is to score as many runs as possible while protecting your 3 wickets. Chase down challenging target scores by batting carefully yet aggressively when needed. The more matches you win, the closer you'll get to lifting the coveted World Cup trophy.

Tips and Tricks:

1. Study each bowler's line and length to anticipate their delivery.
2. For big targets, try to score in boundaries by hitting 4s and 6s.
3. Defend patient balls, but capitalize on any loose deliveries.
4. Use your batting partners wisely to build big partnership scores.


1. Represent cricket powerhouses or emerging nations on the world stage.
2. 3 different match formats including tests, ODIs, and T20s.
3. Realistic cricket gameplay with all the classic shots and bowling types.
4. Stunning graphics that capture the intense stadium atmosphere.
5. Simple controls that are easy to learn but difficult to master.

Whether you're already a massive cricket fan or just a newcomer to the sport, Cricket World Cup delivers an awesome experience. Step onto the biggest stage and see if you have what it takes to lift the championship trophy for your nation.


Click left mouse button - Hit the ball

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