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Timer Shooter

Timer Shooter

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Time Shooter is a really fun game where you get to shoot bad guys. But here's the coolest part - you can actually control time itself. How awesome is that?

Use Your Time Powers

In this game, you're a kid who travels through time. You have to figure out mysteries and stop the future from getting messed up. To do that, you can slow down time or even freeze it completely.

Blast Enemies While They're Stuck

When you freeze time, it lets you line up perfect shots on the bad guys while they're stuck and can't move at all. You can just walk around blasting them easily. Such an unfair advantage, but so much fun.

Fight Crazy Aliens and Robots

The enemies you'll face are really wild - like heavily armed robot soldiers and gross alien monster things. Each one is different, so you have to figure out the best way to defeat them.

Tips and Tricks

1. Use your time freeze on tough enemy groups.
2. Look around for health pack pickups if you're hurt.
3. Line up crossfires by moving when time is slowed.
4. Save your best time powers for the hardest bad guys.

What's So Cool

1. Amazing time control abilities to slow and freeze action.
2. Blasting enemies with super awesome future guns.
3. Having to out-smart the bad guys by using your powers right.
4. Battling crazy sci-fi robots and alien creatures.
5. Playing right in your browser.

If you like shooting games with a totally unique twist, Time Shooter lets you zap enemies by controlling time itself. Fire it up in your browser and get blasting.


1. Mouse Cursor - To Look
2. Left Mouse Button - Fire and Grab Weapon
3. Right Mouse Button - Throw the Weapon
4. WASD - To Move

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