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Zombies Shooter Part 2

Zombies Shooter Part 2

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The zombie apocalypse rages on in Zombies Shooter Part 2. As you battle through an infested city, watch out for devious traps. Firefighter zombies spew deadly flames. Hulking stone-throwers hurl massive rocks. Speedy undead athletes charge with shocking swiftness. Staying alert is key to surviving their unique attacks.

Weapons Used to Fight Back

To stand a chance, you'll need the right weapons. Rifles and shotguns make short work of common zombies. But for tougher foes, bigger guns are better - like the earth-shaking grenade launcher. Using headshots gives you a big advantage by putting zombies down permanently.

Achieving Objectives Through Smart Tactics

Shooting isn't everything in this game. Moving strategically is crucial for dodging incoming attacks and avoiding getting cornered. Use environmental objects like cars and dumpsters for cover. Prioritize more dangerous zombies first while disabling weaker ones to stop them closing in. With smart positioning and the right weapons, you can overcome any zombie mob.

Tips and Tricks

1. Shoot zombies' legs to immobilize but not kill them.
2. Keep moving to avoid projectile attacks.
3. Use shotguns on groups and rifles for single targets.
4. Find powerup items for temporary weapon upgrades.
5. Combine melee attacks with gunfire at close range.

Key Features

1. Intense Combat Against Diverse Zombies - Face off against a terrifying variety of mutated undead enemies, each with unique attacks to overcome. From flaming firefighters to hulking stone-throwers and swift undead athletes.
2. Powerful Arsenal of Deadly Weapons - Wield a vast array of firearms to blast your way through the zombie horde. Upgrade your guns with temporary power-ups for even more destructive force.
3. Strategic Environmental Gameplay - Use the dynamic environment to your advantage. Take cover, prioritize dangerous targets, and move strategically to avoid getting overwhelmed.
4. Immersive Zombie Apocalypse Setting - Stunning 3D graphics bring the overrun city and relentless undead threat to life in frighteningly realistic detail.

Get ready to become the ultimate zombie exterminator. With an arsenal of deadly weapons and clever tactics, you can liberate the city from its undead invaders. Do you have what it takes to survive Zombies Shooter Part 2?


1. Mouse = look around
2. WASD or arrow keys = move
3. W + Shift = run
4. Space = jump
5. Left mouse button = shoot
6. Right mouse button = aim
7. Mouse wheel - next / previous weapon
8. 1-7 = weapon hotkeys
9. R = reload
10. G = throw a grenade

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