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Masked Forces

Masked Forces

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Masked Forces is an incredible free-to-play 3D first-person shooter that immerses you in intense online battles and thrilling solo campaigns. Prepare to test your skills against other players or tackle challenging missions on your own.

Choosing Your Path

You can choose how you want to play in game. Jump into the heart-pounding arena of player-versus-player combat pitting your skills against others online. Or opt for the solo campaign mode filled with action-packed missions to truly master the game.

Conquering the Battlefield

Whether facing human or AI opponents, staying one step ahead is crucial in Masked Forces. You'll need to move quickly, take strategic cover, and aim with pinpoint accuracy to outmaneuver and eliminate every enemy in your sights.

Weapons Used

Before each battle, you can customize your weapon loadout to fit your playstyle. Use stealth with a silenced pistol, go full force with a heavy machine gun, or hang back and snipe enemies from afar with a high-powered rifle. There's an option for every fighter.

Tips and Tricks

1. If you enjoy run-and-gun action, kit yourself out with SMGs or assault rifles.
2. For defensive, campy players, equip long-range sniper or marksman rifles.
3. Don't forget to upgrade and customize your armor for added protection.
4. In online matches, constant communication with teammates is key to victory.


1. Play intense multiplayer battles against with players from around the world .
2. Challenging single-player missions and campaigns to hone your skills.
3. Huge variety of guns ranging from pistols to heavy machine guns
4. Unlock new weapons, armor, and character customizations by progressing.
5. Daily login rewards like free cash and gear to boost your arsenal.

Whether you crave the competitive rush of online multiplayer or prefer solo story missions, Masked Forces delivers fun and replayability. Gear up, customize your fighter, and prepare to dominate the battlefield.


1. WASD keys to move
2. Left click to shoot / Right click to aim
3. R to reload
4. Mouse wheel to cycle through weapons

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