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Subway Surfers New Orleans

Subway Surfers New Orleans

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Classification: Games » Skill

Get ready for a super fun and creepy endless running adventure in New Orleans with Subway Surfers. The city is transformed for Halloween with spooky decorations and haunted twists. The New Orleans streets are filled with haunted obstacles trying to slow you down. You'll have to jump over jack-o-lanterns, dodge ghostly spirits, and slide under dangling cobwebs. One wrong move could lead to a bone-chilling crash!

The Monstrous Inspector Returns

Look out - the grumpy Inspector chasing you has turned into a real monster! He looks just like Frankenstein with green skin and bolts in his neck. Even his dog sidekick is dressed as a scary skeleton! You'll need to run really fast to escape them.

Collect Coins

Your main mission is to collect as many coins as possible by running endlessly through the Halloween-themed city. Use those coins to unlock cool new customization items and power-ups to help you score even higher.

Tips and Tricks:

1. Use the new character Eddy's magic skills to zap certain obstacles.
2. Time jumps perfectly to leap over trains and off dangerous ramps.
3. Collect Pumpkin tokens for the Weekly Hunts to earn limited rewards.
4. Stay focused - one sloppy grind or jump can lead to a chilling failure!


1. Explore a totally haunted and decorated New Orleans just for Halloween.
2. Play as the new magic performer Eddy in his limited costume.
3. Get the special Pumpkin board for a haunting stylish ride.
4. Collect Pumpkin tokens during Weekly Hunts for unique challenges.
5. Same nonstop running action with jumping, dodging, and high scores!

This haunted season, Subway Surfers brings Halloween frights to New Orleans. Can you outrun the monstrous Inspector while surfing through all the haunted twists and turns? Grab your broomstick and start surfing!


1. Left / Right Arrow = Move Left / Right
2. Up Arrow = Jump
3. Down Arrow Roll
4. Space = Activate Hoverboard

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