Fractal Combat X

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3.6 (11 Reviews)
FCX is an HTML5 action-packed flight combat game, sporting top notch 3D graphics, WebGL and a progressively intense gameplay!

- Exciting, fast-paced arcade flight combat action
- Top notch 3D graphics
- Unique gorgeous fractal landscapes
- Dozens of missions in Story mode
- New missions every day!
- Epic sound tracks
- Arcade and Simulator modes
- Cross-device


1. Use the arrow keys or WASD keys to control the movement of your aircraft.
2. Alternatively, you can use the mouse to steer your aircraft by moving it left or right.

Speed Control:

1. Increase speed: Press the up arrow key or W key.
2. Decrease speed: Press the down arrow key or S key.


1. Primary Weapon: Left-click the mouse to fire your primary weapon.
2. Secondary Weapon: Right-click the mouse to launch secondary weapons, such as missiles or bombs.

Special Abilities:

1. Activate Special Ability: Press the space bar to activate any special abilities your aircraft may have, such as a speed boost or shield.

Camera Views:

1. Toggle Camera Views: Use the C key to switch between different camera perspectives, such as cockpit view, third-person view, or free camera mode.


1. Pause Game: Press the P key to pause the game and access the menu options.
2. Menu Navigation: Use the arrow keys or mouse to navigate through the menu options.
3. Select/Confirm: Press the Enter key or left-click the mouse to confirm your selection.

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