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Battle Simluator - Counter Stickman

Battle Simluator - Counter Stickman

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Classification: Games » Action Games

The stickmen must strike at the terror enemy stickmen in this Battle Simulator

The stickmen terror forces must be stopped with a tactical strike! You are the battle commander of the counter terrorist stickman (CTS) forces.

▶TABS simulator - style gameplay
▶3D stickmen, levels and gun models
▶Help win the stickman war.. on terror!
▶Accurate stickman tactics

Sounds: Freesound.org


1. Mouse: Use the mouse to aim.
2. Left Mouse Button: Click to shoot or attack.
3. WASD Keys: Use these keys to move your character.
4. Spacebar: Jump or perform special actions (if applicable).
5. 1, 2, 3, etc.: Switch between different weapons or abilities (if available).

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