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Crazy Bikes

Crazy Bikes

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Get ready for some insane motorcycle action in the games of Crazy Bikes. You'll ride your bike through super dangerous courses with huge ramps, obstacles, and crazy jump stunts.

Crazy Difficult Stunt Tracks

The tracks in Crazy Bikes are no joke. They are filled with life-risking hazards like rocky cliffs, massive gaps you have to jump, and strings of gigantic ramps one after another. Mastering how to control your motorcycle is the only way to clear these treacherous courses without crashing.

Two Extreme Game Modes

Crazy Bikes has two different game modes, and they are both intense. In the "High Speed" mode, you'll be racing at blistering speeds through rough off-road environments, trying to set the fastest times. In "Stunts Rider" mode, it's all about performing spectacular air stunts and smashing through barriers.

Hauling at Full Throttle

High Speed mode sends you blasting across open off-road environments at crazy fast speeds. You'll soar over enormous jumps and drift around sharp dirt corners while racing against the clock. One wrong landing and you'll face a brutal wipeout.

Outrageous Air Stunts

Over in Stunts Rider mode, you take on tracks that seem literally impossible to overcome. Massive ramps will launch you high into the sky where you have to perform midair stunts before nailing the landing. The stunts just get crazier and crazier.

Survival Tips:

1. Use bumps and hills as ramps to jump farther.
2. Lean forward or back in turns to grip corners.
3. Stick the aerial stunts to get a burst of speed.
4. Grab wrenches to earn upgrades for your bike.

Insane Motorcycle Madness:

1. High Speed Racing and Stunt Rider modes.
2. Jumps, cliffs, ramps and other wild obstacles.
3. Massive air stunts defying gravity.
4. Unlock better bikes for racing and stunting.
5. High Speed mode lets you play anytime, anywhere.

Whether you're racing at blistering speeds or performing mind-blowing aerial stunts, Crazy Bikes provides endless over-the-top motorcycle action. Get ready to push your bike skills to the absolute limit.


1. Steer - WASD keys (Player 1)
2. Steer - Arrow keys (Player 2)
3. Brake - Space bar
4. Pause - ESC
5. Reset - R

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