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Burnout Drift Hilltop

Burnout Drift Hilltop

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In Burnout Drift Hilltop, you get to drift super cool cars around awesome mountain tracks. Let's get sideways.

Pick Your Dream Drift Mobile

First, you'll need to pick the perfect car for drifting. Will you go for a classic American muscle car like a roaring Mustang? Or maybe a sleek import tuner like a Nissan 350Z is more your style? Don't worry, you can earn cash to buy new whips as you get better.

Three Awesome Mountain Tracks

Once you have your drift missile selected, it's time to hit the mountain roads. Burnout Drift Hilltop has three epic tracks with lots of tight corners to throw your car sideways:

1. Rocky Pass - A twisting mountain road with tricky turns to master.
2. Ridge Road - A big wide city street, great for linking crazy long drifts.
3. Winter Pass - Slippery snow makes this one extra challenging.

Drift for High Scores

The key is to keep your drift going as long as possible. The longer you can string corners together while sideways, the more points you'll rack up. Just be careful not to crash into walls or spin out.

Tips and Tricks:

1. Use the e-brake to kick out the rear end and initiate drifts.
2. Shift your weight by steering hard to get the car sliding.
3. Link together lots of corners in one long drift for high scores.
4. Be careful not to crash into walls or spin out.
5. Upgrade your car with wider tires and adjustable suspension.

Key Features:

1. Pick from muscle cars, sports cars, and more to find your dream drift machine.
2. Earn cash by drifting, then buy new cars and customization parts.
3. Three awesome mountain tracks with tight hairpins and long straightaways.
4. Upgrade your car's performance like tires, suspension, and engines.
5. Leaderboards to compete for the highest drift scores.

Burnout Drift Hilltop is all about souped up cars and insane drifting abilities. Will you dominate the roads and become the ultimate drift king? Fire up your engine and find out.


1. Arrow key to move the car.
2. Space bar to handbrake.
3. F to use NOS.

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