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Smash Karts

Smash Karts

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Smash Karts is an intense 3D multiplayer kart racing game where battling your opponents is just as important as crossing the finish line first. Jump into high-octane races, collect powerful weapons and power-ups, and blast away anyone who tries to pass you!

Thrilling Races and Rewards

The core gameplay has you competing in frantic kart races against other players online. As you race, you'll earn experience points (XP) that allow you to level up. Reaching new levels unlocks awesome rewards like coins, character unlocks, and customization items.

There's a nice variety of race courses and maps to test your skills on. And the game gets frequent updates adding brand new content like maps, modes, and other surprises!

Level Up and Power Up!

Leveling up is the key to unlocking loads of cool stuff in Smash Karts. You'll earn coins to spend in the customization shop, as well as tokens used in the prize machine to unlock new playable characters. Higher levels also let you deck out your kart with fresh new hats, wheels, and other stylin' accessories.

Weaponized Mayhem

As you're blazing around the racetrack, be on the lookout for question mark boxes. Drive over these to get a random power-up like homing missiles, machine guns, mines, and more. Use these weapons strategically to take out the competition and secure your lead!

Customize Your Ride

One of the best parts of Smash Karts is making your kart look as wacky and unique as possible. You can pick from a selection of funny character drivers, then customize their kart, hat, wheels, and other accessories however you want using your hard-earned rewards.

Seasonal Delights

Smash Karts loves celebrating the holidays with special seasonal events and game updates. Around Christmas, Halloween, and other big occasions, you'll find new themed race maps and rewards to collect. Who doesn't want to race a souped-up sleigh against Santa?

Smash Karts brings over-the-top racing action mixed with chaotic weapon battles for an endlessly thrilling multiplayer experience. Put the pedal to the metal and get ready to smash!


Move - WASD or Arrow keys
Fire - Space


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