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Kiwi Clicker

Kiwi Clicker

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Kiwi Clicker is an awesome idle game that challenges you to build a kiwi fruit empire through simple but addictive tapping. Just click on the big kiwi to start your production line.

Tap to Grow:

The core gameplay in Kiwi Clicker is delightfully simple - tap the kiwi to add new birds to your growing delivery cycle. As you collect more kiwis, they'll get bagged up and sold, earning you "koins" to spend on major upgrades. It's an idle tapper's dream!

Achieving Objectives:

Your main objective is to grow your humble kiwi operation into a booming international business. Strategically invest your koins to improve production speed, unlock new features, and boost overall efficiency. The more upgrades you buy, the faster your kiwi empire will flourish!

Tips and Tricks

1. Utilize bulk tapping options to generate koins faster
2. Focus upgrades on production boosts early for exponential growth
3. Explore unique professions that each change up the gameplay
4. Reset your progress via "Prestige" to gain koin multipliers


1. Simple but highly addictive core tapping gameplay loop
2. Tons of strategic upgrades and unlockables to pursue
3. Cute kiwi characters and animations that make you go "aww!"
4. Special seasonal events and bonuses to mix things up
5. Play anytime on your PC via Steam or right in your browser

Kiwi Clicker delivers all the satisfying idle tapping you crave, combined with surprising depth from the myriad upgrades and features. It's a deliciously fun way to idle away the hours, watching your kiwi empire grow with every tap!


Use a spacebar or left mouse key to click.

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