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Dive into Hextris, a captivating twist on the classic puzzle gameplay of Tetris, now with a hexagonal spin! In this addictive game, you're tasked with strategically rotating a central hexagon to align falling colored lines from six directions. The challenge intensifies as you race to match colors and clear space, with the pace quickening to test your reflexes and spatial thinking. Can you keep the hexagon from filling up, or will the vivid cascade of colors spell the end? Test your skills and see if you can beat the high score in the enthralling world of Hextris!

Get ready to put your puzzle-solving skills to the test with Hextris! Here’s how you play:

Objective: Keep the central hexagon clear by rotating it to match the incoming colored lines from six different sides.

Rotate: Use the arrow keys or your mouse (depending on the platform) to spin the hexagon clockwise or counterclockwise.

Match Colors: Align the edges of the hexagon with the falling lines to create a full row of the same color, which will then disappear.

Speed Increases: As you progress, the lines fall faster. Stay sharp!

Game Over: If the lines stack to the top and fill all sides of the hexagon, the game ends.

Score High: Plan your moves to clear multiple lines at once and score combos for a high score!

Challenge yourself to beat your best score in Hextris, where strategic thinking meets quick reflexes!

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